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It is no secret we have long been leery of Representative Paul Ryan. While we realize the art of politics is the act of getting along with everyone and having a talent for making deals while not sacrificing anything vital or replaceable, we have just felt Mr. Ryan was a bit too slick not to be slippery, and we have no taste for eel.  They are unreliable, cranky and bite.  We recently learned that Mr. Ryan’s nickname in high school was “Brown Noser,” and it all fell in place.

Paul flashed his colors in passing the “budget omnibus spending bill,” giving so much to the Democrats, Senator Schumer sought a TV camera to have a political orgasm documented in digital media. Any elected Republican pleasing Mr. Schummer has to make me gag. Schummer’s only redeeming quality is that he is a cousin of comedian Amy Schummer, but she turned me off with her recent raggings on “gun control,” causing me to erase her shows.  So much for Amy.

Mr. Ryan was so ameliorating, he funded Planned Parenthood 100% after 24 devastating videos proved they were dismembering aborted fetuses to supply dubious stem cell purveyors of doubtful medical treatments for terminal afflictions.  America is offended by this, but deep in his trance, Paul Ryan passed on it along with a trillion Dollars of pork to be paid for by three generations to come.

Politicians crimes transcend time. Ryan is in the elected cabal that is giving America a fiscal physic.  President Obama congratulated Rep. Ryan as he prepared to go on vacation to Hawaii over the Christmas holiday to avoid having to attend anything Christian.  Paul was too dazzled to jab the President over his obvious annual exit, but where

90% of the people we send to Washington, DC are there for one purpose:  To steal as much as they can our concerns over religion are petty indeed.

Our elected officials are in terminal envy for what Muslim despots can do. They’re blushing over Sharia law calling for those speaking out against the regime to literally lose their tongues.  Those who steal or not pay taxes lose their hands or feet.  Those who do not believe in the prophet lose their heads.  We are not able to appreciate the feelings of envy this generates in our elected ruling class folk, as they dream of arriving at airports with thousands of people on their knees screaming, “We are not worthy!  We are not worthy!”  If you want to see the face of evil just look at the last guy you voted for.  If he is not there yet, be sure he is working on it.

Meanwhile back in Wisconsin Mr. Ryan is showing too much wealth for a man who has never made more than $174,000 per year with the expenses of a US Congressional Representative working 800 miles from home.  In 2011 his required financial disclosure gave a net wealth of $2 million, but in 2016 that had grown to $7.8 million and there was mention of “blind trust” evaluated at $50 million!

The Ryan residence in Janesville, Wisconsin was the Parker Pen family mansion and the most grand residence in the town.  It had no security wall or fence so Mr. Ryan had one installed and from the specs it has to be in the half to $1 million class.  This is a much “over-a-million-Dollar mansion estate” with pool and tennis court.

Mrs. Ryan was Jane Little of Madill, Oklahoma and while that sounds “down home” she is a graduate of Wellesley College and the George Washington University School of Law.  Both her parents were lawyers and she became a very successful lobbyist in DC so this is one sharp lady who would know how to pick a winner.  Her politics are interesting and her grandfather was one of the founders of the “American Party” that sponsored the Presidential run of George Wallace and she is a Democrat.

“60 Minutes” is running an interview with the Ryans on November 15, 2016 which is a curious time to put on such an interview, one week after the Presidential election.  Do they know something we don’t?  Why do we think that?

The Washington, DC establishment is trembling that Donald Trump will bring an end to their evil games.  They have to believe Hillary would keep all in place and that the nation is on the verge of collapse caused by too many Democrats too long are now planning to pick up great assets for pennies on the Dollars after they cause another equity and real estate collapse as did with Barack Hussein Obama, see: (Not So Fast Mr. Obama).  And as the sun sets on the Janesville lake we say goodbye to Wisconsin and the Ryan report.


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