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America saw millions of Americans stay home this election cycle, not out of laziness, or no time, but because in the United States, unlike many of its counterparts only has 2 parties that one believes they can vote for.

The Independent and Libertarian parties are two minor parties that have been in America for many decades but have never been able to grow to prominence, until this year. Other parties like the Green Party, the Constitutionalist party, and others still fight to grapple one spear of acknowledgment from the media. The media spends its time and energy following the Republican and Democratic races, while all but ignoring other 3rd party contenders. That is changing with the Fresh and principled contender Evan Mcmullin who came on the scene in early August, only to scare both the RNC and DNC into pumping millions of dollars in states he was strong into secure their support.

With great principles, and even a greater aspiration to bring America back to sanity, Evan with great right-hand people like Joel Searby, John Clayborn, and others a movement began. Principle over rhetoric, integrity over money, morals over aspirations, and in a short three months brought millions to their cause, their candidacy, and their inspiration for something better.

By far this cause has come far from ending, while Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn slowly recuperate from their 3 months of grueling schedules, a glimmer with a new website by the Evan team has arisen, one that is welcoming you to the #newconservativemovement. It promises to be the second part of Evan’s long journey to unifying America. But that is not the end of the story. There are millions who believe in his vision and are ready for the first wave of a flag to start the battle once again.

More than just holding on is another who has taken the #newconservativemovement to the next level. They call it the #newconservativemovement Party, have the beginnings of a website, a signup, and are dipping into the arena and giving feedback to the events of today in politics. This movement utilizes the groundwork of Evan, supports Evan as a viable candidate for POTUS in 2020, but is working diligently to bring together a force to be reckoned with, and to be listed in all 50 states and Puerto Rico by the next election cycle.

This new movement is proud to call them more than just a movement, but also a revolution of the political establishment. They want to ensure the time old woes of being forgotten and continue to have the same strong presence on the social media scenes as Evan, and other great Constitutionalists have had. There have been whispers of talks with some behind the scene money makers and movers who are interested in seeing where this movement may be in six months, and maybe an influx of much-needed funds will be enlightened upon the movement for a more professional external view.

With a weekly newsletter, a strong voice, a website, and an exceptionally strong social media presence, the #newconservativemovement party is looking at the 119 million independent voters and those who are tired of the juggernaut of the RNC and DNC and unkempt promises, poor candidates, and are ready for a change.  is their website.

Is America ready to turn in the Elephant and the Donkey for the Flying Eagle? What do you think?


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