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Okay so it’s Thursday roughly 120 hours, give or take before the final face off of a century’s battle between progressives and conservatives. Soon we will know if America lives or dies a slow corrupt death at the hands of understanding and accepting left.

Progressives have taken a page from the koran and as it preaches patience, patiently undermined our republic for 100+ years. Conservatives keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in an endless search for “the perfect candidate” who does not exist and the liberals use it to their advantage. That being said, have we conservatives finally learned and become disgusted enough to finally elevate an imperfect candidate to pave the way for a generation of conservative presidents? Can we finally ignore these last minute fabricated accusations from the left of child molestation, tax evasion, animal abuse and yes, bad words!

Only a very short time ago 18 year old men were bravely storming the beaches of Okinawa and Normandy facing almost certain death. Today the same age group runs to safe zones to save themselves from words that might upset them. Sears catalogs advertised Ted Williams rifles and shotguns with the whole family enjoying shooting sports but now 6 year olds are being expelled over a Pop-Tart that merely resembles a gun. The left has successfully taken the nuclear family and dashed it to the four winds leaving millions of fatherless children to single mothers who are completely or in great part dependent on government to merely survive. What are the results of their dastardly plan? An electorate that is dependent on government and votes for more benefits. They have engineered a government which taxes and spends to maintain their position of power with complete disregard for those being taxed.  Have the people in “the wagon” outweighed the ones pulling the wagon resulting in a resentful disgust and revolt by the pullers?

The left has successfully labeled us “haters, misogynists, deplorables and xenophobes.” I submit that they are merely describing themselves. Their so called leaders pay female employees 25% less than men. The progressives destroy family business over their principled refusal to make a pizza or bake a cake for a gay wedding when there is a willing one a block away. They gleefully celebrate men dressed in leather straps and Speedos parading down Main Street and condemn the soldier who is willing to die to give them that right and yet they remain angry. This is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave. A century of maligning, abuse and accusation has reduced it to the land of the fearful and home of the closet hero.

The Free Press is in great part to blame. Once a paragon of virtue and veracity has become saturated with leftists and is nothing more than The Ministry of Truth George Orwell warned us of. This is the same press corps which fueled the engine of revolt in 1776 and brought down a president for erasing a few minutes of tape in 1974 now ignores government corruption of biblical proportions, corruption which is no longer solely on the left but infecting both parties. When we had the great take over in 1994 we expected a real change and we had one until the great architect of it and then Speaker of the House had to resign and the new speaker began to act like the Minority Leader. The same situation we have today. The republicans then suddenly took a long look at the huge fortunes amassed by the majority party’s so called representatives and they wanted in. Tom Foley secretly had a private elevator installed the Speaker’s office. Dan Rostenkowski chairman of the Ways and Means committee (tax law) was discovered to have a trove of government property in his townhouse basement likened to the treasure of King Tut’s tomb! The benefits and profit became irresistibly seductive and seduced they were. The signal to me was the impeachment trial of William Jefferson Clinton and the “No” vote by then senator Fred Thompson (R) Tennessee. I knew then The Republic was all but finished.

There is little wonder as to why the Americans who make this country great out there in “flyover country” are simply fed up and down right angry. They are pulling the wagon and the load is just too great. Their backs and spirits are breaking or in some cases broken. A tax that all but confiscates a generational family farm upon the death of the farmer is wrong and destructive resulting in the disappearance of the family farm and family. Another win for the left, fewer nuclear families, more government dependence in a land built on independence.

In summation I ask you do you want an America to be proud of again or do you want Venezuela? I ask you if “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” A pledge I have taken and can guarantee that only a hand full politicians are willing to take today and strongly believe only one Presidential Candidate has demonstrated he is willing to take. Go VOTE!


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