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It’s been pretty obvious through the centuries that the last line of defense between A People and tyranny is The Courts. The last line, that is, before we have to take it upon ourselves to protect our rights and freedoms, and preserve this great Republic of ours.

Once The Courts have been subverted, what is left? This country and any country is founded on laws that protect its people from invasions against its rights and freedoms. Without courts that uphold a Constitution and protect A People from invasions against those rights and freedoms, there really is no country. There is only a tyranny.

Throughout our history, it is The Courts that we turned to and trusted to protect our rights and freedoms. But what happens when The Courts become a “Members Only” racket? What happens when The Courts allow the real criminals to go free and imprison the objectors and whistle-blowers? What happens when they protect their members?

And more, what happens when you aint a member any longer?

We watch our courts make decisions that clearly are not in the interest of neither you nor the country. Somehow, we are no longer members. We used to be. What happened?

The very word “just’ and “justice” implies morally right, correct, and fair. But fair to whom? Should it be fair to all, fair to the majority, fair to only a minority to the detriment of the majority, or just fair to whomever is paying the judge? If the later is the case, which it appears to be in many cases, the globalist, being the highest bidder and having the deeper pockets, will win the court’s decision every time.

We must end this. It cannot be allowed if we ever wish to retain our freedoms.

We recently had a Federal Judge strike down a voter ID law. We all know there is rampant voter fraud. We know it! How is this “just?” How do we as a Republic and as The People of this Republic determine our own future, when there is so much voter fraud that our voices, our votes, are drowned out? We can’t, and it was a “Members Only” judge that determined that we will no longer have that right and that freedom.

In the name of tolerance, we are being overrun and invaded, and are losing our rights and our very Republic. It is all in the name of tolerance; the globalist ploy to fetter and shackle mankind. The “Members Only” judges are stifling any resistance in the name of tolerance.

Tolerance, if it only had four letters, should be the foulest curse. Tolerance can only be done in a state of freedom. It is a conscious decision on the part of free people. When tolerance is forced, it is not tolerance; it is fascism.

You and I have no obligation to tolerate the intolerable. That isn’t tolerance. That is stupidity. That is fascism.

The “Members Only” Judges have been protecting its members, not We The People. It seems we are not a member. But it only seems that way. The truth is, they are not a member of our Republic, and they need to be told that.

“He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.” From The Declaration of Independence.

The will of whom?

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