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Donald Trump makes too many Tweets and comes off as a brazen loudmouth. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t do drugs but what he does do is hog the ice cream and cheat at golf. He also apparently liked porn stars at some point in his life.

I make memes regularly and I was making this meme about the Game of Thrones long-awaited final season. Since I am not gay or a woman the subject of course was the imp Tyrion Lannister rather than the “no nothing” dandy Jon Snow. I just don’t get the whole Jon Snow thing as the character is so beta. Moving on.

Anyway while trying to come up with something good for my Tyrion the imp meme it occurred to me that he is the hero in our Fire and Ice story. Well ok maybe I already knew that but I thought about it (close enough). As I sat here daydreaming and trying to look at both the forest and the trees for something insightful,it occurred to me that our hero was a midget that kept regular company with prostitutes and was a serious alcoholic.

That doesn’t seem quite right does it? How is the hero, the smartest guy in the 7 kingdoms, a drunken whore monger-er? Not exactly politically correct by any means and yet the show is wildly popular around the globe. How does that make sense in our P.C. dominated world?

But wait there’s more.

If you’re still one of those people who watches T.V., think of your favorite shows the main character for a minute. Take your time I’ll wait. More than likely this character is damaged goods. Often severely damaged goods yet this is the kind of person Hollywood picks as your hero. Why would they do that?

Let’s see John F. Kennedy was banging Marilyn Monroe and maybe his brother Robert was too. Kennedy did this while married and president. Barrack Obama smoked pot and his sexual past involved both cocaine and gay prostitute sex (Sinclair), yet he was a hero to many (poor misguided people). And then there are the Clintons. Even Jimmy Carter lusted in his heart.

Clearly successful people that others look up to are burdened with vices but what about you? What if someone or some entity had been secretly filming you for your entire life and then took that film and edited it into a “worst of” compilation video and then posted it on YouTube? How do you think you’d do? Remember that time you were driving home 3 sheets in the wind or that time you got a little too friendly with someone you shouldn’t have gotten friendly with? Ever say anything incredibly stupid or something you regret? Do you have any ghosts in your closet you wouldn’t want the entire world to know about?

Looking back at fiction and history our heroes are always a mess. Letches, drunks, drug addicts, personality disorders, prone to violence, insecure, murderers, deceivers, perverts, etc. seem to be the hallmarks of the human race. As I recall there was ever only one person on earth who was morally and ethically sound and we hung him on a cross.

People are sinners that is why we have a savior. When it comes to doing stupid things we all fail on some level but often our heroes failures and shortcomings are fodder for our scorn and ridicule. As if somehow scorning and ridiculing others for their shortcomings redeems us of our own. It doesn’t and it is a bit unrealistic to pretend that our heroes or someone else’s heroes can and/or should be pillars of society.

In our current society, it seems as if everyone is without sin and casting stones. Everyone is guilty except for me and those who believe as I do. That right there is a pretty messed up way to think. In the Wests new secular world, everyone is their own hero and the odds are that your hero, is a mess.

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