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What is your purpose? What is your goal? Did you bring your conscience with you when you recited the solemn and time honored oath to take your seat in the most revered and prestigious hall of our great Nation?

Do you realize you were selected by the citizens of the United States of America? They spent their precious right to a vote on you, to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of America, to preserve and protect the rights and freedoms granted by the blood, sweat and lives of those who braved the Oceans to settle here; those who realized and cherished the future of this Nation and its’ people, who understood their destiny to secure and maintain the rights and freedoms given to all men by their Creator!

They sustained hardships and pain; they endured the ramifications of a cruel climate, the unforgiving terrain, and the fates that would befall them on the next day?

Have you ever stopped, in your precious and beautiful life in the world surrounding you, to take in the beauty and goodness of this land, the rewards of this life, the people that trusted their very lives to you, and asked only that you protect their land and life by upholding their precious Constitution; by upholding the laws given by those who came before? For that you enjoyed a rich and fruitful life for yourself and your families.

As a little girl, enjoying the growing years in a wonderful time, I remember a loving Uncle spending his youth in the nose of a B-52 bomber, to protect you and I. He sustained the perils of twenty two (22) missions. The emotional and physical scars remained with him throughout his life.

When he did not pass the physical to join one branch of the military, he hid his ‘affliction’ to gain entry to another. He proudly wore the uniform of the United States Air Force; a formidable and brave lot; a collection of men and women sworn to uphold the laws and rights earned by the lives of those who came before. Men and women who knew and understood that for which they fought. Men and women who gave up their lives, who left their loved ones, to go to an unknown land, and endure the unspeakable and unforgiving hardships of war.

I remember three brothers; one in the Navy as a gunner on a “Troop” Ship ferrying the armies of America back and forth across the Ocean; another in the Navy as a Flagman on a carrier directing the planes off and on, sending them to their destiny and welcoming those who had the good fortune to return; and a third, enlisting as a Paratrooper. I can’t imagine the fright and anxiety jumping from the sanctity of that wonderful ship, into the open air, vulnerable and exposed, to the enemy below.

I remember the anguish and God-awful look on my mothers face each time an unknown vehicle came down the street, hoping it didn’t stop at your house. I remember also the neighbors enduring the same anxiety for each other. I remember seeing the Gold Star emblems hanging in many a window.

This was a generation that never faltered, never complained. A generation that accepted their responsibility to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States of America; to preserve and protect this land and life for you  and I.

And now I watch you, ladies and gentlemen of the Congress of the United States, throw away the purpose of this people; throw away the blood and tears of this generation, and others that came before and after. They fought   the enemies of our Democratic Republic.

Yes, your speeches are memorable  and promising. Your words sounding of strength and fortitude in denouncing those of our enemies, and your empty promises of the future. Promises that mean nothing to you other than to secure the support of the people with their vote.

You put yourself, and the riches and power you gain as you sit in that great Capitol, above the law, and before the needs and hopes of the those who put you there. You may feel confident that you deserve what you gain. But you must remember that God is watching. And you will pay the price for that which you enjoy today, in the eternal future.

I humbly request that you take a good look in the mirror tomorrow, as you pack your briefcase with your lunch and magazines and a few papers, take stock around you, of the walls and gardens that you have secured for yourself and your family. Realize and know what you have. Realize and know what others have given up so that you may enjoy! Realize and know your life is because of them.

Finally, realize and know that others now depend on you to secure the same for them. Stand up my friends. Be the person that you portray to your neighbors; to your constituents; and to your friends and families. Fight as strong for them as you do for your own prosperity, for your own self, for your own future, and that of your children.

Ward off the enemies, know and recognize the deception, fight off the enemies of our Democratic Republic; and teach your children the true History of our Nation, so that they will understand and accept the responsibility that is now theirs.

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