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“Armed with a compliant media and rapacious lawyers who want big paydays, women are the real workplace predators in America today.” 

The Bill O’Reilly case at Fox is but another example of workplace havoc caused by insecure, greedy women and their terrorist lawyers who press their cases in the court of public opinion.  Of course, these failed, money-grubbing sirens are abetted by the politically-correct media who love nothing more than sabotaging highly successful men like Bill O’Reilly.

And David Letterman. And Clarence Thomas. And Senator Bob Packwood. And Kobe Bryant. And Johnny Carson. And Donald Trump. And Roger Ailes. And Isiah Thomas, to cite but a few.

And various other high-profile cases like Ellen Pao who tried to extort millions from a Silicon Valley  Venture Capital firm because she wasn’t promoted.  And Ashley Alford who won $95 million by claiming her boss sexually assaulted her. And Dr. Ani Chopourian who wrested $168 million from her hospital by claiming other doctors often asked her for sex. And Novartis that paid $250 million to their female sales staff because the ladies felt discriminated against.

Those excessive dollar amounts are absurd, ridiculous and certainly not proportional to the allegations even if they were all 100% true. It’s financial terrorism, plain and simple.

And Über that hired former United States Attorney General Eric Holder just to investigate a female engineer’s claims of sexual harassment. A former Attorney General? Really! That’s Überkill.

The list of million-dollar lawsuits by women against their employers is long and gruesome. Getting large sums of money from the accused man (or his company) is the common denominator in all these cases. Stopping the alleged behavior or asking to switch jobs/locations or getting an apology was never enough. No, scoring big cash payoffs was the goal from the outset. Righting the wrong or fighting for “women’s rights” is unimportant. Making a financial killing is the key.

Like the five women who were paid $13 million in hush money by O’Reilly, all that’s needed these days is the mere threat of going public. Truth has nothing to do with it. One of O’Reilly’s recent accusers said he called her “Hot Chocolate”. Wow, how terrible. That’s probably worth $5 million, right?

Too many women in the workplace use even the slightest micro-transgression as a pretense to play the sex card. The women at Fox News are perfect examples. Gretchen Carlson sued because she felt disrespected by not getting a promotion she “deserved”. Nobody really thinks that Roger Ailes, a fat, 75-year-old bald guy with a bad heart, would actually have sex with her. Or any of the other 30-something blond bombshells who work at Fox.

Not only did Fox fail to grant O’Reilly legal due process, they also took the word of the female accusers as fact. That also applies to those cowardly sponsors who canceled ads on the Factor just because those women accused O’Reilly of something, anything. No due process. No common decency. No justice.

Make no mistake, the fact that O’Reilly is not a raging liberal is a key reason why so many sponsors pulled their ads. They got the chance to take down an important Trump supporter on the most popular show on cable TV so they took it. Sean Hannity, you are next.

That means any woman at Fox (or any other company) with any grudge against any man for any reason can simply say “That man looks at me the wrong way every day which creates a hostile workplace environment”. Boom, that guy can be hauled into HR and fired.  To prove they’re serious about fixing the problem, the company often pays the j’accuse a few million to settle out of court. The company then issues a blizzard of new workplace regulations to punish all those nasty males.

“The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

That’s why men are actually the ones who need protections from women in the workplace. Armed with a compliant media and rapacious lawyers who want big paydays, women are the real workplace predators in America today.

Men are walking around looking over their shoulders and trembling at the mere thought of having to deal with or reprimand or manage women for fear of getting sued. Perhaps men should activate recording devices every time they interact with women at work for protection.

Maybe women are really not equal to men after all. Maybe all that talk about women being just as smart, just as tough and just as capable as men is just that, all talk. Maybe women really are different, need to be managed with kid gloves, and given special treatment lest they break.

A strong, smart, and capable woman doesn’t run to HR or file a million-dollar lawsuit just because some guy asked her for dates or complimented her hair or commented on her cleavage or said something inappropriate.  Over-playing the sex card and demanding big monetary payoffs for trivial slights diminish real instances of hands-on sexual misconduct.

Men get yelled at, cut-off during meetings, demoted, harassed by their bosses, lose promotions and get fired every day in America. And yes, they get sexually harassed by women, too. But seldom do men resort to lawsuits to rectify such incidents. Centurion suspects there are hundreds of men at Fox who feel just like Carlson but didn’t sue.

But women do that all too often. It must cease.

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