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Recently while updating some of my very old articles I added a 2017 post script to one of them. Today, minus the expletives, I am publishing that post script.

2017 Post Script
(To hell with Political Correctness and Multiculturalism)

A decade on and what we are now seeing are Muslim activists at work trying to change society to suit their religion. My personal response to them is ‘the middle finger!’ Again – no apologies! I do not feel guilt at anything that Muslims suffer and as for the self-righteous, idiotic, white, guilt ridden or sociopathic, western liberal, progressive, politically correct (expletive) who will jump up and down saying: ‘but many refugees had no choice but to come here,’ I say: ‘That is a lie!’

Where were these PC (expletive) when I and others were writing years ago about the Syrian crisis? Did they care about the Syrian people? No they didn’t! Do these same sociopathic western political activists who would call me a racist support Muslim and other cultures similar practices such as female circumcision? – polygamy? – arranged marriages? No they don’t! They outlaw it! So don’t talk to me about how I am a racist!

What religion are these people, these refugees that we must take in? They are Muslim! How many Muslim countries are in closer proximity to Syria and other Muslim countries in which alleged Muslim refugees depart for western lands? To choose a non-Muslim country to emigrate to and then be offended by its culture is blatant BS! To demand that the non-Muslim country to which you allegedly fled change its culture to suit your Muslim beliefs – is blatant BS! It is political BS!

And for those Muslims who did not come as refugees – the same question must be asked? The answer is of course – ‘we were born here.’ And to that I answer:

“Fair enough! But your culture was not born here. So fit in or get out! Choose what you want to be and go where you can be that person. And don’t waste your breath telling me I am a racist and that I don’t know what it is like living in a foreign culture because I live in China, and while there is much I don’t like about cultural practices, politics and social practices, my love for this country is greater than my personal desire to see this country change to suit my own western culture and practice. If I wanted to live in my own or similar culture I would go live in Australia or America!”

What is actually happening in the west is twofold.

Firstly, the white trash political activists – the Cultural Marxists – have for years pretended to care for the Muslims because of their Marxist white trash ideology. In fact they were just using the Muslims because they stupidly thought that with Muslims at such a small minority they could be controlled. Their absolute stupidity has rubbed off onto the dumb sheep in society. They bleat and bleat the politically correct BS without understanding the end game and the end result.

They have no concept of the law of unintended consequences but rather in blind faith in their own righteousness and brilliance, go on their way altering the DNA of the country. They also have no idea what ordinary non-political Muslim fundamenatlists believe or want, or how they feel about Islamists.

The second thing that is happening in the west is that the Islamists are now using western liberal progressive – politically correct ideology to justify the complete makeover of society. Go read The Rise of the Networked Left by Caroline Glick to get a real understanding of just how tolerant, non-discriminatory, democratic and loving are the people who proclaim the liberal progressive – politically correct values. They are liars and hypocrites. When it comes to Islam, most PC supporters of Muslims are just Islam’s Useful Idiots.

Along with many others I have understood for many years what was happening in the west, and along with those many others was called stupid, idiotic and racist. You only have to read Caroline Glick’s article mentioned above to see the truth about the people who pretend to fight for victim’s rights. The greatest single benefit to arise from the election of President Trump is that we are now seeing the true nature of those who wish to destroy our western societies.

For God sake people – open your eyes! Get informed! Begin to think! Begin to get involved in the political process. Activists get ahead by threatening to not support certain political candidates. The general population has to do the same thing until the majority of voices drown out the anarchists.

End of Rant

R.P. BenDedek is the author of Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story


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