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As part of Operation Clean House, grassroots activists and conservatives are asking that you as a voter participate in the letter writing campaign.

The letters will be addressed to:

1) Your State GOP Chairman

2) Your National Committeewoman and National Committeeman.

Please send one (1) handwritten letter to each individual listed for your State.

The purpose of a handwritten letter is to demonstrate that you have taken the time to write out your opinion and put it in the mail.  Experts attest to the power of a personal letter.  (Even our representatives in Washington admit that they place the highest value on handwritten letters from their constituents.  The letters hold persuasive power.  Two sample letters are below.


I am writing you with great concern for the current state of our Republican Party.  We have lost the last two presidential elections and appear ready to lose another.  Additionally the loss of this presidential election will have dire consequences on down ballot races for the Congress and Senate, which Republicans may lose control of.

I hold Reince Preibus, the Board of Directors of the National Republican Committee and Reince Preibus’s staff responsible for the current state of the Republican Party.  Their decision making process (according to legitimate press reports) were based upon retaining power and employment, and not what was in the best interests of America.  What was in the best interest of America was to have someone other than Donald Trump as our Republican presidential nominee.  I am aware that the nomination was stolen from Senator Ted Cruz by the illegal maneuvers of Reince Preibus and Paul Manafort.  I ask you to fire Reince Preibus, the RNC Board of Directors and Reince Preibus’s staff immediately.

I thank you for your consideration.


Or a shorter letter:


Please fire Reince Preibus, The Republican National Committee’s Board of Directors and Reince Preibus’s staff immediately for incompetence.

I thank you for your consideration.


There is currently a 10 day window of opportunity for placing Ted Cruz back in the race for President.  If you want Ted Cruz to run for President, it is suggested you send one of the handwritten letters immediately.  Please post a link to this article wherever possible.

This effort, Operation CLEAN House is intended to clean the Republican Party of corruption.  Even if the effort for another Presidential candidate is not met, the grassroots activists and conservatives behind this effort ask that you continue to send the letters.  The Republican Party according to activists needs to be cleaned out immediately for candidates of value may run in future races.

Tuckermann Babcock, State Chairman

Cynthia Henry, National Committeewomen

Peter Goldberg, National Committeeman

P O Box 201099

Anchorage, Alaska. 99520


Robert Graham, State Chairman

Lori Klein, National Committeewoman

Bruce Ash, National Committeeman

3501 North 24 Street

Phoenix, Arizona. 85106


Doyle Webb, State Chairman

Jonelle Fulmer, National Committeewoman

Jonathan Barnett, National Committeeman

1201 West 6th Street

Little Rock, Arkansas  72201


Jim Brulte, State Chairman

Harmeet Dhillon, National Committeewoman

Shawn Steel, National Committeeman

1121 L Street Suite 207

Sacramento, California 95814


Steve House, State Chairman

Vera Ortegon, National Committeewoman

George Leing, National Committeeman

5950 S. Willow Drive Suite 210

Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111


J R Romano, State Chairman

Leora Levy, National Committeewoman

John Frey, National Committeeman

31 Pratt Street 4th Floor

Hartford, Connecticut. 06103


Charlie Copeland, State Chairman

Ellen Barrosse, National Committeewoman

Laird Stabler, National Committeeman

360 College Square Shopping Center

Newark, Delaware 19711


Jose Cunningham, State Chairman

Jill Horman, National Committeewoman

Bob Kabel, National Committeeman

P O Box 75153

Washington, DC 20013


Blaise Ingoglia, State Chairman

Sharon Day, National Committeewoman

Peter Feaman, National Committeeman

420 E. Jefferson Street

Tallahassee, Florida. 32301


John Padgett, State Chairman

Ginger Howard, National Committeewoman

Randy Evans, National Committeeman

P O Box 550008

Atlanta, Georgia 30365


Victor Cruz, State Chairman

Margaret Hellreich, National Committeewoman

Jay Rojas, National Committeeman

P O Box 2846

Havana, Guam. 96932


Fritz Rohlfing, State Chairman

Miriam Hellreich, National Committeewoman

Gene Ward, National Committeeman

725 Kapiolani Blvd #C-105

Honolulu, Hawaii. 96813


Steve Yates, State Chairman

Cindy Siddoway, National Committeewoman

Damond Watkins, National Committeeman

P O Box 2267

Boise, Idaho. 83701-2267


Tim Schneider, State Chairman

Demetra Demonte, National Committeewoman

Richard Porter, National Committeeman

P O Box 64897

Chicago, Illinois. 60664


Jeff Caldwell, State Chairman

Marsha Coats, National Committeewoman

John Hammond, National Committeeman

47 S. Meridian Street 2nd Floor

Indianapolis, Indiana. 46204


Jeff Kaufmann, State Chairman

Tamara Scott, National Committeewoman

Steve Scheffler, National Committeeman

621 East 9th Street

Des Moines, Iowa. 50309


Kelly Arnold, State Chairman

Helen Van Etter, National Committeewoman

Mark Kahrs, National Committeeman

P O Box 4157

2605 SW 21st Street

Topeka, Kansas 66604


Mac Brown, State Chairman

K C Crosbie, National Committeewoman

Robert M. “MIKE” Duncan, National Committeeman

105 W 3rd Street

Frankfort, Kentucky. 40601


Roger Villere, State Chairman

Lenar Whitney, National Committeewoman

Jason Core, National Committeeman

530 Lakeland Drive, Suite 215

Baton Rouge, Louisana. 70802


Rick Bennett, State Chairman

Ellie Espling, National Committeewoman

Alex Willette, National Committeeman

9 Higgins Street

Augusta, Maine 04330


Diane Waterman, State Chairman

Nicolee Ambrose, National Committeewoman

David Bossie, National Committeeman

69 Franklin Street

Anaopolis, Maryland 21401


Kirsten Hughes, State Chairman

Kieko Orrall, National Committeewoman

Ron Kaufman, National Committeeman

85 Merrimamac Street, Suite 400

Boston, Massachusetts 02114


Ronna Romney McDaniel, State Chairman

Kathy Beider, National Committeewoman

Robert Steele, National Committeeman

520 Seymour Avenue

Lansing, Michigan. 48933


Keith Downey, State Chairman

Janet Beihoffer, National Committeewoman

Rick Rice, National Committeeman

2200 East Franklin Avenue, Suite 201

Minneapolis, Minnesota  55404


Joe Nosef, State Chairman

Jeanne Luckey, National Committeewoman

Henry Barbour, National Committeeman

P O Box 60

Jackson, Mississippi. 39205


John Hancock, State Chairman

Susie Eckelkamp, National Committeewoman

Gordon Kinne, National Committeeman

P O Box 73

Jefferson City, MISSOURI. 65102


Jeff Essmann, State Chairman

Jennifer Fielder, National Committeewoman

Art Wittich, National Committeeman

P O Box 935

Helene, Montana. 59624


Dan Welch, State Chairman

Joyce Simmons, National Committeewoman

J L Spray, National Committeeman

1610 N Street

Lincoln, Nebraska. 68508


Michael McDonald, State Chairman

Dianna Orrock, National Committeewoman

Lee Hoffman, National Committeeman

500 S Ranchero Drive, Suite 7

Las Vegas, Nevada 89106


Jennifer Horn, State Chairman

Juliana Bergeron, National Committeewoman

Steve Duprey, National Committeeman

10 Water Street

Nashua, New Hampshire 03301


Sam Raia, State Chairman

Ginny Haines, National Committeewoman

Bill Polatucci, National Committeeman

150 West State Street, Suite 230

Trenton, New Jersey 08608


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