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Open letter to Barack Obama:

Your speech lambasting President Trump reminded me of a letter I wrote to you when you first took office. In that letter, I had suggested ways you could make your mark favorably in the annals of history. You were a historic first black American president. You could have mended race relations like no other by insisting that folks be measured by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. You could have abolished very visible double standards and prosecuted all criminals equally, regardless of political affiliation. You could have grown the economy by trimming regulations, cutting corporate taxes, negotiating fair foreign trade agreements and supporting small businesses equally with large corporations.  You could have sealed the borders and encouraged legislating a rational immigration policy. You could have lowered the cost of healthcare by eliminating most malpractice suits,  allowing a large array of health care insurance to be sold across state lines and encouraging the development of alternative medicine and new low-cost drug prescriptions. You could have opened energy development to all reasonable alternatives.  You could have improved education by encouraging the use of vouchers for private schools. You could have maintained America’s position as the policeman for the world by supporting and training the military. You could have conquered near-by planets and reached for the stars by unleashing NASA.  

You could have been a superstar just by hiring the best and brightest advisors and listening to their advice. They would have made you look good! Instead of today’s youth looking to democratic socialism as their shining future for social success, they would realize it only leads to becoming another Venezuela.

Instead, you chose the opposite course, dividing the races with petty words and actions.  You chose to use government to prosecute those you saw as enemies and forgave the undeserving. You multiplied stifling regulation, slowing the economy. You opened the borders to an unvetted invasion: radicals, the sick and the undeserving, making a mockery of those who formerly played by the rules. You raised taxes. You destabilized foreign countries. You crippled the military with budget cuts and promotions of the unqualified. You normalized that which was heretofore considered unacceptable.  You raised the cost of health-care and bankrupted the middle class in the process. You reduced NASA to a spokesperson for Muslim excellence. Your idea of education was to blur the difference between sexes, normalize pedophilia,  and encourage abortion. 

In short, you flipped the Maslow hierarchy of needs and focused on the top tier, self-actualization, forgetting that all other needs must be met first. Food, water, housing, and security were all sacrificed to erect your dream of utopia. 

Taking credit for laying the foundation for President  Trump’s success when all you had to show for your eight years was stagnation, misery and divisiveness is sickening. You had an opportunity to be greater than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln combined and you blew it big time.  Shame on you!

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