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 Senator Schumer you are an embarrassment to New York. In your efforts to trash and bash President Trump, you have deserted your roots and your Constituents. Donald Trump is a fellow New Yorker, from the same City as yourself, and your betrayal of him is a betrayal of New York ‘across the board’.

I also am a native New Yorker, and have regretted the support I have given you.  Mr. Trump is OUR President, and he deserves the support of all.

As proven in past elections, the popular vote is not always a true indicator of the most popular Candidate State by State. Consider the voting numbers of the Liberal states, and it will always be high. This is the reason for the foresight of our Founders to keep a fairly level ‘playing ground’ in utilizing the Electoral College.

Your vehement and manipulative narratives against President Trump are becoming ridiculous and childish. The constant deriding of his every word and action, is beginning to come back at you and others on the Liberal Democratic side of the aisle.

President Trump is revealing his maturity, tolerance, and character in his ignoring all of you. I wonder, sometimes, with amazement, how he manages to control his responses as he does. Being a true and accomplished Businessman, he goes about his business without determent from his detractors.

Yes, he has made mistakes in his life; who hasn’t. If we all knew what the future had in store for us, I am sure we would have done many things differently. Do not forget “….to err is human….”.

I believe the most important issue to keep in mind, when choosing anyone to lead, is how they will and can handle the job at hand; not how they reacted yesterday. I admit though, that sometimes the behavior of previous times can and will show much of the reaction of today; but we must also remember that a person can change their perspective with maturity and renewed tolerance and ideals.

Senator Schumer, you have openly and blatantly tarnished your legacy. You have revealed a side of you that has me surprised and disappointed. You have put your Party and your selfishness before your Country and your Constituents, your fellow New Yorkers. You have tarnished and affected another under your wings and influence; I refer to Senator Gillebrand, also from New York State. She had promise, and we in Upstate were hopeful of her future. But now she has gone wayside with your constant influence of her.

Your rhetoric has become time-weary and repetitive. You are obviously picking at straws. Your support of OUR President is crucial to National Security at this time. And it is essential to New Yorkers, and our neighboring States. The message you are giving to the younger generations is very damaging. Please step back, review your behavior in these past months, and ask yourself, would Mr. Cuomo Sr. be happy with your words? Admitting mistakes and moving on, is a truly good sign of a great leader. Stand up for your principals and ideals as a proud New Yorker. Leave the lies and manipulations in the past.


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