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Hey RINOs… it’s us.

You know…the people that elected you, and gave you the job you have today?  Yes, us!

You only get one personal vote at the booth.  The rest of us 64+ million gave you the other votes to put you in office. (albeit, the percentage of that number from your particular State).  But in either case… ”We the People” hired you to represent US…not all the fruitcakes, politically correct fringe groups, fat cat donors, or the Media.

Just so you know…we are all pushing hard for “term limits”.  The reason we are doing so is because you Rhinos continue to take our vote and stay in office but do NOT vote according to the wishes of those that put you in that position.  Are you representing US or are you bowing to political pressure, the demands from your big donors, and working hard to make sure you keep your “cush” job and all its’ perks?  What is it?

If I were you, I’d start worrying about 2018 and 2020.  Because “we the people” sent a very strong message last November.  We sent the message that we have the “power” to elect those that are FOR us and defeated all the crooked attempts to make us lose.  Faulty voting machines (owned by Soros), illegal immigrant votes, dead voters, duplicate voters, faulty counting, and the list goes on.

We beat Hollywood wackos, special interest groups, hate filled/vile rhetoric, false accusations, crooked and false publications, fake poll numbers, the Clinton Killing Machine and the biggest and loudest enemy…the fake Media.  And of course…let’s not forget that we are all “deplorable”.

Yep.  We SHOCKED the Nation!!  Did you see the absolute shocked face of Rachel Maddow on TV election night?  LOL  And guess what?  We’re only getting started!!  Because we want our Country back!!

Why are you fighting our President on so many issues?  Is it because you really think he’s wrong on issues that we the people want?  He’s NOT!  He’s doing what we WANTED him to do.  WE…the Voters!  Or is it because you don’t have the guts to fight against the wacko liberals and the Media?  You Chickens!  If you truly ARE a Republican…nothing on President Trump’s agenda should be offensive to you and your constituents.  It’s Why We Put Him in Office.  So he could “right the ship” and bring back law and order to an out of control country of liberal freaks and special interest groups.

President Trump is “one of us”.  Meaning…he is not politically correct.  And because of that, he is being crucified by nearly everybody.  But you see…this Nation of people are NOT politically correct and we don’t care what the Media thinks.  We’re sick and tired of being told what to say, how to say it, how to think, how to call a man a woman, forcing us to have our granddaughters use bathrooms with men, telling us who our doctor should be and penalize us if we choose not to, seeing our religious freedoms trashed, watching thousands of babies being murdered and their organs sold like auto parts and forcing us to pay for it, tolerate all the radical and crazy crap going on, witnessing our country and its’ resources being ravaged by illegals, murders of law enforcement men/women, and the list could go on…and we’re expected to remain silent about it all.  BULL !!

Well…we aren’t running for any political office so we don’t need to fear losing a vote.  But YOU do!!  And the “votes” you’re going to lose are the very voters that put you IN office.  You aren’t going to get the wacko liberal votes…and we proved last year that there aren’t enough liberal votes to win an election. (even though it was completely rigged and attacked by everything on the Left).

Trump may be brash and ornery at times but we the people understand it.  It’s what we’ve been saying for more than 8 years.  Yeah…sometimes we might roll our eyes over the expected response he’ll get…but never the less…he’s really doing what 64+Million of us are saying and doing every day.  The Media aggressively reports how horrendous it is and hopes the other side will go crazy and impeach him.  They’re barking up the wrong tree.

The tree they “reach” is full of whacked out people and their crazy agenda of Socialism and Anarchy.  And there aren’t enough of them!!  The fake Media makes it sound like they’re speaking for millions and millions of people that vote.  They’re NOT.  They simply appeal to the dumb idiots that don’t know any better and incite them to raise hell and they probably aren’t even registered to vote.  And there aren’t enough of them either.  We proved it!!!

That being said, “We the People” are going to turn out again and KEEP voting for “those” that want Trump and his/our agenda moving!  And don’t think for a minute that all you have to do is just ride out the storm the next 3 ½ years and then get back to your tricks.  Trump WILL be re-elected in 2020.  This is not a hope or dream.  This is reality because after the Nation witnessed what could happen when enough voters turned out, and they see the progress of our elected leader…they will be out in even larger numbers next time!

With everything on the agenda of Trump that continues to be enacted…this Country will be back to a roaring success in the private sector and business sector and will also be safer and our religious rights restored.  It already is headed that way according to all statistics and reports.  And just what the heck do you think people are going to do?  They’re going to look around at the things that are important to THEM (not the Media and not all the crazy Alt Left groups) and see that things are much better personally and won’t even think of changing the course.  And “we the people” will AGAIN turn out and vote for those that “helped” him achieve this and vote out “those that fought him and his agenda”.  You my friend…are currently on that list of “being voted out”.  We’ll support your Republican opponent!!

Stop being afraid of Democrats, Hollywood, the Rioting Groups and the Fake Media!!  They are MUCH fewer than We the People!  We proved it last November.  And because of that victory…we are even more energized, empowered, and emboldened to finish the job of restoring our Country to GREATNESS again!!

And remember this…your “Big Fat-Cat Donors” only have ONE personal vote and being a Media Darling doesn’t mean anything to us because we know they’re lying crooks.  Don’t worry about them.  So that big money you get from fat-cats for your re-election Ads, won’t mean anything because we the people don’t watch them!!  We watch YOU and what you do in office!

I suggest you jump on the train to support our President.  If not, the alternative will be on the horizon for you.  And that alternative is that the Train will run you over!!  We the People have only just started our mission to restore this Country back to a nation of law and order, personal freedom, and greatness to all legal Americans!!  We will be back in full force and in bigger numbers in 2018 and 2020.

And until that day…“We the People” will have our eyes on you!

God Bless You and your Decision and God Bless America!!

iPatriot Contributers


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