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For our beloved President Trump! God Bless You! Here is a check list of serious concerns for an immediate anti-globalist movement relating to what is already pre-positioned, offensively, in American infrastructure. President Trump, thank you for dealing with these with perhaps a lightning rapidity and effectiveness.

Included are:

1. One to two million foreign UN troops pre-positioned in the US. These are set to rise up during an American Civil War to be the UN Peacemakers – in the sense that during WWII, Russia was the “Protectorate” for Finland and Nazi German the “Protectorate” for Denmark. The globalists count on an American Civil War for this management-by-crisis result. (They create the crisis then manage it their way.)

2. The NWO “Treaty Under Open Skies” allows Russian plane and chopper pilots to freely fly over American skies. Activated under Clinton it must be dismantled.

3. 400 Russian train engineers were trained in Florida to navigate North America for the NWO. This includes the deportment of patriots and Constitutionalists to FEMA camps, privatized prisons and military bases for civilian internment. All NWO-trained train engineers must be let go.

4. The National Guard must once again be made the National Guard. When a crisis hits their locality, they are immediately sent far away, often overseas, and many have complained of this as whistle blowers. Overseas, many are made to be at the “point” in daily missions, so they will easily be taken out. Also are often made to sleep near ammo dumps, to be taken out, but this is never to be done with troops so close to ammo storage…

5. Military/industrial complex LENCO are a globalist company based in the US. They sell their LENCO Bearcats to over 40 countries worldwide for world-govt. These have been pre-positioned for the NWO all around America: It has been the NWO goal to put one in every county! This is often done with matching grants from the government. As many as 24 of these in groupings with foreign military drivers, have been spotted all across America, especially in Montana. President Trump needs to confiscate these from the local (often Democrat) sheriffs and give to the at-home National Guard for defending the American people (and not for keeping the American people in line as the globalists plan).

6. All sheriffs, especially Democrat sheriffs, must somehow be re-Patriotized in their nationalist loyalties. Democrat sheriffs, though elected, were instructed to hand over their areas to NWO-led Federal Marshall’s. This strong allegiance must be dealt with! Elected sheriffs have authority over Federal Marshall’s and are not to give their authority to them.

7. The Navy Seals initially will be at the forefront of President Trump’s effective force. Very professionally they quelled the southern-border invasion scheduled for Jan. 18 2017. This is one of a very few groups never under Obama controls.

8. Pre-positioned NWO incarceration measures must be quickly dismantled. These include the over 130 upper mezzanine rooms in post offices for processing and deporting out the back door complete with a police retaining wall. As these upper rooms – used for the break up of families and individual deportation – violate fire codes, they will be easy to dismantle. Also to be dismantled are the underground gas chambers at Mist, Oregon, and Goat Mountain, Oregon, to gas 85,000 a day from a natural gas reserve pipeline. All this must be quickly destroyed!

9. Too many interstate entrances and exits were closed to the public for NWO centralizations and controls. These must be re-opened so commerce can flow more freely.

10. Firearms are sold and traded almost daily in packing plants and slaughter houses where Somali and South American and other “refugees” work daily. This must be a felony to companies and workers and must be strictly forbidden. The NWO-complicit Chamber of Commerce bringing these workers in the US must be banned and its leadership fired.

11. In 1957, America had one mosque, now ever 5500 and growing. Many of these have weapons caches and weapons storage areas beneath for an Islamic insurrection. Meanwhile, over 60 Islamic terrorist training centers are active in America as you read this. These can be destroyed in a day with America’s USAF. The underground railroads over the northern border – such as at Emerson, Manitoba – must be quickly plugged.

12. The over 65,000 personnel in American Armed Forces clandestinely sent to northern Australia – to be out of the way for the globalist swap-out of UN and EU and Chinese forces into America – must be quickly brought home to protect We The People.

13. The humiliating and demeaning NWO drug pipelines into America through dead American servicemen – used by Armed Forces and civilian intel agencies, for stuffing corpses with illegal drugs, then taking some out as pay for moving them – must be stopped. Also to be immediately terminated is the taxpayer-funded guarding of Poppy Bush’s opium crops by American Armed Forces personnel. The Taliban must be reinstated as peaceful wheat farmers. Bush’s overseas poppy crops for the heroin and morphine trades must be terminated.

14. All NWO surveillance measures against We The People must be terminated. This includes “on-the-hook” phone technology developed by Russia and Motorola years ago. The NWO grid system over American cities and rural areas must be banished. NWO Cray computers and Google capabilities searching for key words while spying on the general public, violating the inalienable rights of We The People, must be dismantled.

15. NWO-intentioned drone plants must be changed into useful plants for peaceful purposes. RFID chips are pandemic for NWO spying purposes, even in privately-owned guns sold by such as Hillary-owned socialist, middle-class destroying Walmarts.

16. The guillotine capabilities at such as Fort Bragg and other military facilities must be banished and legally made never to return. Chinese organ-harvesting networks in America – often beneath Chinese restaurants – must be condemned.

17. Tens of thousands of muslims in Silicon Valley guarantee the further destruction and control of the Internet. As many of these jobs as possible must be given to American citizens.  A 51% demographic of Muslims, moderator not, insures Sharia domination over the US Constitution.

18. The weatherized-weapon profiteering coordinated from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, as globalists profiteer billions in weather-derivative profits while destroying American infrastructure through “natural” causes, must end quickly! American natural infrastructure cannot take much of this HAARP-induced stress and devastation, where Rothschild’s Shell chemicals are sprayed – America-destroying Soros is a Rothschild agent – through nano-tubing into the jet stream to target “insured” areas for destruction and simultaneous weather-derivative profiteering.

19.  Only one-in-ten of COSCO containers – brought in through 650 COSCO ships of communist China – are investigated at California ports!  Chinese weapons galore!

Beloved President Trump! Thank you!

Vigileaks would rather die for President Trump, than live under the above activated conditions, which must now be dealt with severely and permanently, to protect Americans of all ages….


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