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Mr. Trump,

I have written to both Mr. McConnell and Mr. Ryan in the past, suggesting a number of actions that they should take immediately.  Clearly they have not done so.  With your inauguration in January, you can “assist” them with a gentle push to do these things.

I have several suggestions for the current Congress, or the new Congress, to be completed immediately:

  1. Immediately pass legislation to prohibit spending federal funds to support people in the United States illegally: welfare, education, healthcare and more. The people of the United States clearly support this action.  (This will likely keep out those who only want to come to get on our gravy train……)
  2. Cut federal taxes to maximum 15% or 20% immediately, then take a serious look at the FairTax, which would be a boon to jobs in the United States.
  3. Stop funding to the EPA and the other regulatory agencies so that these organizations are not able to issue new regulations. Pass legislation requiring that all new regulations from federal departments be approved by and funded by the Congress or they cannot be implemented.
  4. Stop all automatic increases in entitlements and other programs and roll back the max spending to the same levels at 2000. By the way, both GOP leaders in the Congress contributed to the massive spending of the GW Bush years, so they are not innocent. Federal spending must be reduced and this is a fine way to start.
  5. Do not allow the Congress to consider any bill more than five (5) pages in length, and restrict amendments to those that do not push the bill to more than five (5) pages. (Gee, maybe then we won’t have to wait until a bill is passed to see what’s in it…)
  6. Please ask the Republican members of Congress to stand on the Capitol steps several times a week and announce to the media what the current administration and the Democrats are doing to thwart the will of the people. Such action will sooner or later be covered by the mainstream media. Once you are inaugurated, the Republicans should continue to announce any blockage perpetrated by the Democrats.
  7. Pass legislation adopting the FAIRtax: get rid of the IRS and its partisan decision making; eliminate payroll taxes and corporate taxes; and most important, make U.S.-made goods much more competitive in the world marketplace as they would have zero imbedded tax.  This should bring us significant numbers of manufacturing jobs.
  8. Ask Congress to pass legislation that all laws affecting the citizens also apply to members of Congress and their staffs.

Going forward, I recommend that you assemble a panel of wise councilors to put together a positive program to be supported by all future Republican candidates. My suggestions for this panel include Dr. Walter E. Williams, Economics Professor at George Mason University, and Thomas Sowell, an economist and currently a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution in Stanford, CA. Both men are distinguished scholars and write often about our country.

Another panel invitee should be Dr. Larry Arnn, the President of Hillsdale College in Michigan, who is a constitutional scholar. We certainly need to pay more attention to our founding documents and the philosophical rationale for the Declaration and the Constitution.

You must convince the people that your goal is to “promote the general welfare” in an effort to “lift all boats.” The recent federal policy of increasing taxes clearly suppressed economic activity, and the best way to lift all boats is to promote and increase economic activity. Congress should measure every bill to see whether the result is useful to “promoting the general welfare.”

I look forward to your inauguration and wish you and the country all the best.

And, here is my list of suggestions for your first day in office:

  • Invalidate all EPA regulations issued in the last eight years and instruct the EPA to get Congressional approval and funding for ALL future new regulations.
  • Instruct any federal agencies that are blocking the Keystone XL pipeline to immediately sign their approvals.
  • Ask Congress to repeal the laws restricting export of United States crude oil. (Do you think it is possible that we could increase our oil production more as a result, and also eliminate our import of foreign oil?)
  • Ask Congress to repeal any laws restricting the offering of health insurance plans to all Americans, regardless of the state of residence. (All health insurance companies should be able to sell their policies to any citizen in any state. Currently this is not possible. Doing this would give all these insurance firms more customers over which to spread the risk and likely give us overall lower cost health insurance, and give all citizens to options to choose their insurer, coverage, and expense.)
  • Instruct the IRS to immediately demand that all Federal employees pay any and all Federal overdue taxes immediately, to include any delinquent taxes, and that they pay the same penalties and interest that simple citizens like myself have to pay.  It is ridiculous beyond comprehension that these people owe so much in taxes, and the public generally does not know.
  • Instruct all Federal departments to institute a hiring freeze for new positions.  Only allow replacement requisitions where they are justified.
  • Instruct the Department of Justice to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email mess, the VA and the IRS. Any lawbreakers should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!
  • Ask Congress to grant to all veterans a “medical” card that would allow them to get treatment from any doctor or hospital and not have to rely on the worthless and inefficient VA.
  • Instruct the Department of Justice to prosecute the managers of “sanctuary cities” for their part in the atrocities committed by illegals protected by those cities.
  • Announce to the public that the United States will no longer provide taxpayer funds to illegal aliens, including food stamps, welfare, medical care and any other means by which illegals gain access to federal tax payments.
  • Ask Congress to pass a federal e-verify program and, once this is done, ask the Justice Department to prosecute employers who violate the provisions.

Thank you for your consideration.


iPatriot Contributers


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