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An open letter to those who dislike President-elect Trump:

He was not my first choice either, but I have preferred a losing candidate many times in the past and both I and the nation survived. This year I am amazed at vitriol spewed by folks apparently convinced that Trump will overturn everything accomplished during the Obama years and women, gays, blacks and illegal immigrants will be persecuted and prosecuted beyond belief. Indeed this focus on special groups seems to be the entire battle, ignoring grave problems facing all these sub-populations as well as the rest of us. By that I mean uncontrollable debt, out of control immigration, fewer available jobs, declining incomes, increasing health-care costs, a shrinking middle class, a growing welfare-dependent population, manufacturing moving offshore, radical Islam, terrorism, a weakened military, increasingly militant foreign states, loss of respect from many foreign nations, and outright hostility among subgroups of fellow Americans. Even if the entire government employee group were populated solely with gays, blacks, muslims and females these problems would still exist and their sex, race, and religious or sexual preference would not assure me or anyone else that they were competent problem solvers.

Donald Trump signaled his determination to put aside petty politics when he said he would not appoint a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton, preferring to spend his energy addressing real problems facing all Americans. Personal attacks on Trump supporters and a “fake-news” main-stream press determined to thwart all cabinet appointments with cries of outrage, not over their competence, but their supposed racism, homophobia, misogyny, and other character flaws have sucked the air out of any possible optimism and willingness to work together. Trump has a track record of being a problem solver. Give the guy a chance. He does not want to live on a planet with dirty water and air. He respects women, Hispanics and blacks enough to have hired many in the past. He knows how to make deals and create jobs. If he fails abysmally at his self-proclaimed goal to “Make America Great,” then start with the vitriol and mud-slinging. I will join you. Let the stock market, value of the dollar, real unemployment rate, Gross National Product and your own take-home pay determine the failure or success of his policies.

In the meantime, put away the safe spaces, safety pins, Black Lives Matter demonstrations, angry threats to members of The Electoral College and roll up your shirt-sleeves, pick up your pens and make positive suggestions for putting the “United” back in the States of America.


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