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Dear Mr Trump,

During your campaign speeches, you have referred to your Democratic opponent as “Crooked Hillary,” and the crowds have responded positively because they know you are speaking the truth. I suggest that you carry this line of attack forward into the remaining debates.

First, when Hillary comes out and makes a big show of shaking your hand – don’t do it. Look at her hand and say, “I don’t think so.”

Among other things, this will make an opening for you to explain why. I suggest that you say something like:

“During my campaign stops, I have been referring to my opponent as Crooked Hillary. There is a reason for that – she is a corrupt, despicable person who will say anything, do anything, be anything, if she can get any kind of advantage from it.

“Scandal has followed her continuously from her early days. There’s the suspicious death (some would say murder) of Vince Foster and dozens of Hillary’s other associates, including more than one during this campaign. There is the Bribery Scandal known as Whitewater during her husband’s time as Governor in Arkansas. There is the Obstruction of Justice Scandal as she stole records from the Rose Law Firm.

“There was TravelGate and the various Sex Scandals – including Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky – which she helped cover up. There were the art objects that she stole from the White House when she and Bill left. There was Benghazi. There was the Private Email Server Scandal while she was Secretary of State. There was the Obstruction of Justice Scandal where Hillary deleted tens of thousands of emails which had been subpoenaed.

“Hillary miraculously was not indicted or charged by the FBI with a massive National Security Breach. Others have gone to jail for much less, but FBI Director Comey said, ‘Nothing to see here folks, move along.’ And, there are more scandals.

“Most recently, we have DebateGate. At our first debate, several things happened which help to demonstrate Hillary’s corruption. The moderator addressed almost every question to Hillary, and he interrupted me many more times than he stopped her.

“The moderator referred to her as Secretary Clinton. Yes, she WAS Secretary of State, so I have no problem with her being called Secretary Clinton. I did so myself at the first debate. But, it does prejudice the audience. I AM Chairman of the Trump Organization. Is a government title worth more than a title from the Private, Productive Sector of the US Economy? If she’s going to be referred to as Secretary Clinton, then I should be Chairman Trump.

“Hillary Clinton also was wired for sound, and there are public pictures circulating to back this up. She was getting coached from staff outside the debate. While there is nothing against that in the debate rules, the American people want and expect to hear what the candidates debating think. They don’t want to know what a secret voice in her earpiece thinks.

“And while I’m on electronics, I complained – and the Federal Election Commission verified – that my microphone was not working properly. At least part of the debate audience could not hear what I was saying. A coincidence? I don’t think so!

“And then finally, a 4-Time World Champion of Poker has verified that Hillary was giving hand signals to the debate moderator. I said ahead of time that the debate would be rigged, and all these things point out that I was right.

“One more Scandal. In the United States, we have a Constitution. The Constitution is the highest law of the land. It’s been Amended 27 times. Until it gets Amended again, what it says is the Law of the Land. One thing it says is, ‘…the Right of the People to Keep and Bear arms shall not be infringed.’

“Please note that this is even stronger language than other Amendments which say ‘Congress shall make no law…’ The 2nd Amendment says ‘Shall Not Be Infringed.’ That means nobody. Not Congress. Not the President. Not the Supreme Court. Not the States. Nobody!

“While campaigning, Hillary has been promoting gun control. As she does that, she is promoting violation of the US Constitution. She is promoting Treason! Why would any American vote for a candidate who promotes Treason?

“With all these Scandals, Hillary has proven herself unworthy of holding any public office, let alone the most powerful office on earth. Hillary does not deserve to be in the White House – she deserves to be in the Big House. Hillary does not deserve to be making US policy – she deserves to be making License Plates.”

That, Mr Trump, is what I suggest that you say – in front of 64 million Americans, where the liberal media can’t censor your remarks. Good Luck!


iPatriot Contributers


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