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It is curious that not one Republican woman or a young one with Republican parents have charged Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with violent sexual advances causing him to lose all control… And there were lots and lots of desirable conservatives of all ages in motion during those years. Probably more than Leftists.
Every one of the accusers of Judge Kavanaugh are Democrats set in concrete under a Marxist flag who, when younger had families with Dem ideals. And it is strongly believed that there were more conservative Republicans in those days than Democrats. 
Yet, if we are to believe everything coming down the pike, only Democrat women appealed to Judge Kavanaugh. So much so that he had no control around them… they say.
It is known that Judge Kavanaugh actually had NO sex interest during those early years. He was a true Bible Believing conservative who believed that sex only was to take place in marriage.  Agreed, this is a rare man indeed. But there he is. And this writer knows other men with these principles.
What is more puzzling, there were and are, extremely attractive Republican women around to arrest a man’s attention. That is still true today which is illustrated by our First Lady, Melania Trump, Trump staffer Kellyanne Conway, Trump Jr’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, even Nikki Haley.  Indeed, most Republican women look like ads for beauty salons.  
Yet not one of the large stable of glamorous Republican women accused Judge Kavanaugh of improper advances…or even proper ones.
Now let us focus on the Democrat women who all believe they are so desirable that even a happily married Judge with a very attractive wife could absolutely not resist them.  Yep, the dem women are all irresistible who spins any man out of control at the very sight of them…men who will take any risk necessary to capture a split second orgasm with one of these beauties.
Let’s take a look at the Democrat Beauty Parade as an example: Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Jackie Spears…….scuse please…cannot go on…this is too terrible to comprehend!  
And by the way, Judge Brett Kavanaugh would never have to force himself on ANYBODY. He is a very good looking man. Always has been.
The Leftist women accusers who are lying, are not that great looking that a man would toss away his family and stellar career by cheating on a very attractive wife and his admiring children nor would he have even a desire to do so. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: This is the case, Committee Members.
And remember, that the extreme explosion of opposition to Judge Kavanaugh to be confirmed for the Supreme Court is particularly driven by the fear that Democrats will no longer be able to cruelly slaughter inconvenient babies in the womb, which they seem to enjoy,  plus the millions of dollars brought in for precisely killing babies through their business, Planned Parenthood.
Let our voices come out forcefully. Phone calls, faxes, emails, petitions. Let us show the Democrat Communists that our numbers are stronger than theirs.

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