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There are two ways to win an election. One is to get a majority of voters to support you. The other is to prevent voters who oppose you from casting their votes. Couched in feel-good phrases such as “voter security” and “anti-voter fraud,” these measures limit voter registration, turn voters away from polling places, and cast doubt on the validity of ballots.

“Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act was designed to not have to worry about being one step ahead of what so Coverage under the Special Provisions of the Voting Rights Act that somebody would surely come up with.”

Section 5 was enacted to freeze changes in election practices or procedures in covered jurisdictions until the new procedures have been determined, either after administrative review by the Attorney General, or after a lawsuit before the United States District Court for the District of Columbia to have neither discriminatory purpose nor effect. Section 5 was designed to ensure that voting changes in covered jurisdictions could not be implemented or used until a favorable determination has been obtained

When the Supreme Court dubbed these safeguards as ‘discriminatory’ we became sitting ducks for whatever intimidation, disinformation, and disenfranchisement could be implemented by those who sought to do away with our God given rights!

With all the publicity about Voter Fraud lately, I urge you to take steps to restore our faith in government.

The Florida fiasco (missing chads) should have been the first clue that something was amiss. Some folks believed that there was a ballot box held by one party, in case they needed it – to swing the election in their favor.  Today there is mounting evidence that elections can be controlled – even remotely.  And when the videos documenting this are referenced, they seem to “disappear” from view – under the guise of “Copyright Infringement” – which by any other name is CENSORSHIP!  But that is an issue for another day.

With a little over 2 months to the November Election, I find it noteworthy that many states are rushing to impact the number of registered voters on file. It is happening on both sides of the aisle.  This is obviously a bi-partisan project.  One side arbitrarily removes living, breathing folks from the registration lists without the voters’ knowledge that he will not be able to vote in the most important election of our time. The other side tries to register folks and sometimes cannot even prove that they exist.  What have we come to?  We must continue to protect the very practice of democracy in America.  Current events are a prime example of honoring the phrase “Stack the Deck”

I read where the Clinton camp accuses the poll watchers in the Trump camp of “intimidation”. There’s nothing wrong with observing elections.  The US has sent “observers” to other countries to protect their interests.  But, it will not eliminate the possibility of voter fraud thru tampering with the electronic voting machines currently in use.  It seems they can even be programmed remotely.

Another means of controlling the outcome is achieved by limiting (reducing) the number of polling places available on Election Day. Combine this with relocating these polling districts – changing where people have been voting [at the last minute], change polling hours, reducing the early voting window, and other tactics I need not mention here.

For all I know, your organization [The United States Election Assistance Commission] is part of the “Conspiracy to socialize America”. But I would be remiss if I didn’t attempt to raise a flag showing the insidious nature of our political system.  I am contacting you to demand that the 2016 vote tallies really represent what the voters choose.  Let’s put these manipulators on notice that we know what goes on and we won’t stand for it any longer.

Suffice to say: one man, one vote should be protected at all costs.

Here’s the website if you would like to share your thoughts with The Election Assistance Commission:


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