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There have been two dynamics at work in America since the Colonies won our Independence from England. The country was founded by extraordinary men who believed that the Creator was the center of our universe. Ergo all men are endowed by God with free will and self determination, eminently capable of self government. That so long as we remained disciplined in that endeavor no government could reverse the order of authority. The right to Keep and Bear Arms must not be impinged, so that government remembers its place. We have not remained disciplined. We have allowed the Second Amendment to be impinged upon. The Republican Party once embodied conservative ideals, or purported to, but these days these sacred values are relegated to the extreme right wing of a party that is in much disarray. On this Independence Day the people are planning to take back the country; which is a testimony to our failure to govern according to our heritage. We must take it back because we lost so much.

The other force that could not accept the concept that men could achieve their greatest potential best if not hindered by government, insists to this day that God is not the center of our universe and is actually a mythical distraction responsible for the misery of the majority, who are exploited by the greedy 2% at the top of the income scale.  Ergo they would appear to have a majority of the people giving them the power and authority to punish success and distribute wealth, so that all the people benefit from the labor of a few. Fortunately, not only the rich believe in self determination and the will of God, so the scales have not quite tipped conclusively in favor of Socialism. In an effort to insure a perpetual Democrat-Socialist majority, this administration unlawfully invited countless illegals to cross our borders unopposed, unchallenged and unafraid; yet it is still a close call. They propose we elect their candidate: a profoundly flawed human being who has flaunted our laws, betrayed our country and abused our moral sensibilities openly.
The modern Democrat Party has abandoned deference to a higher power, aspires to big government and liberal programs and has embraced a president and his initiatives focused on total transformation of this nation. According to these Leftist’s, first we must doubt our religious heritage, then we must be tolerant and inquisitive about the virtues of agnosticism, and then we must accept Islamism or we will be labeled racist, homophobic and xenophobic…which is practically the definition of radical Islam.
Many Americans, especially our young, will celebrate the Fourth of July with no inkling of the meaning of the day. Almost a quarter century after our ancestors died in battle to provide us with a constitutional republic, the challenge to keep it is greater than ever. The fork in the road is clearly marked. To the left, the end of the Republic that proved self government brings out the best in all men. To the Right, a chance to restore the tenets, values and principles that have given way to economic, moral and sovereign decay. Those who ponder the choice have a misguided understanding of history and patriotism. If you see our choices clearly, pray openly, be vocal and vote.
God bless America.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”



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