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I’d like to think that after the mid-terms, POTUS Trump calls Jeff Sessions into the oval office and gives his a choice A.) take a demotion to Assistant AG  replacing R. Rosenstein, or B.) resign, be fired.

If Sessions agrees to the AAG position he – as AG – fires Rosenstein, then he becomes AAG creating a vacancy at AG. Trump hires Joe Degenova to fill the AG spot; if he cannot get his confirmed, he waits for the Senate recess in December then appoints  Degenova (former Federal prosecutor, and member of Trump’s legal defense team…). Degenova would immediately impanel a Grand Jury to look into the investigatory, and Intelligence Agencies (and any others which he decides have systemically abused their power… Note : Degenova has intimated that such is the first thing that an AG should do) Now although Degenova may be a recess appointment AG he could make all kinds of trouble for the ‘deep-state’ before his year was up, and the Senate may eventually take up his confirmation. If not, Trump could re-appoint Degenova the following December. If such investigations took place, we believe that eventually the corrupt SOB’s – perhaps hundreds, if not more, would be indicted and brought to justice i.e., be given their due punishment. Trump would very likely present the evidence of their guilt to the American people; it is the kind of strait-shooter he seems to be.

I may be wrong, but I think Trump gets very angry at legal dishonesty, and the “big-guys” (Government agencies and Government Agents)  bullying little guys like Mike Flynn…

That strikes me, if it were to occur, would make all on the social-political Right, have an even Merrier Christmas…

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