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Obstruction of Justice or Entrapment? The latest Democratic Party effort, in light of recent disclosures the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid hard cash for Russian propagandists to alter the outcome of November’s presidential election, is to turn President Trump’s Russia collusion defense into an obstruction of justice coup. They point gleefully to Nixon’s demise. He didn’t do any wrong, but covered up for those who did. He obstructed justice. His only allowed options were impeachment or resignation.

But what if knowledge of Nixon’s sad turn of events gave rise to a Debbie Wasserman Schultz as head of the DNC/Hillary Clinton conspiracy to entrap Donald Trump? What if they designed their scheme  with federal prosecutors in mind? What if they hired lawyers to distance themselves from the Russians they hoped would make up fatal, terminal defamatory “facts” about Trump’s past and present? What if they didn’t care what the baseless charges would be, just so long as most any “catastrophe too good to waste”  was sure to drop in their laps, the Holy Grail: obstruction of justice leading to impeachment or resignation.

Any pretext leading to an obstruction of justice charge would do, especially if it involved anyone investigating or prosecuting the unsubstantiated attacks on Trump’s widely broadcast Russian collusion activities or business involvements. As it turns out FBI Director James Comey’s firing, unfortunately timed as it was long after the president took office, punched The Donald’s obstruction of justice ticket. All the media had to do was frame the firing as Trump’s attempt to halt the investigation and voila, the Russian collusion charges could be ignored, swept under the rug as it were, perhaps with an obligatory regretful acknowledgement the DNC’s Russian collusion attack was a mere mistake made by an overzealous Democratic Party’s effort to secure the presidency for another entitled Clinton, “perfectly understandable under the circumstances.”

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Democrats had trial run such an obstruction of justice scenario before. Richard Armitage outed Valerie Plame. But Scooter Libby was accused. Knowing he had no involvement, no reason to fear prosecution he made lots of statements. Prosecutors said his statements weren’t consistent. He landed in jail, not for outing a CIA agent office worker but for a “process” charge. Then recall Scooter was not the target. “W” was. Why President Bush before he left office failed to pardon Libby, only commuted the sentence of the man who took a bullet intended for the president will forever remain as inexplicable as why, as Lou Dobbs framed it, our government’s intelligence community did not obey President Trump’s order to release last night ALL the impounded JFK assassination documents and images.

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Hillary’s humiliation is what spurred the dusting off of the Nixon Obstruction of Justice Method of overturning the results of a legitimate presidential election. The Global GPS opposition research of a Republican contender was just the vehicle needed to set the method into motion. What do we know about Global GPS? It’s a Podesta/Russian front organization. Depending on who is hiding, Podesta or Russia, the visible side is all friendly to the side permitted exposure. Most important, as a result of a Republican’s expenditures to find dirt, Global GPS had likely already determined there was nothing juicy in Trump’s past to warrant impeachment or resignation.

But the Republican could be blamed for the opposition research. It would appear Global GPS had never been involved with Putin’s Russia until after former UK spy Richard Steele was hired to physically travel to the Kremlin with the explicit, top secret purpose of having former KGB “kings of propaganda” make stuff up. After all, it didn’t matter what the dirt looked like, what it smelled like, how heavy or light it was. It only mattered the dirt must fly in the eyes of the American public to obscure the fact a conspiracy to defraud the American electorate was afoot.

Yet another Global GPS regular should be mentioned, the Podesta’s longtime associate Paul Manafort. This is the same Paul Manafort who for a short time worked on the Trump election campaign, perhaps as a Global GPS mole embedded, as it were, to glean inside campaign information and to delicately insinuate Trump colluded with Russians through his associations. After all, Manafort had been a member of the team to get Trump elected.

Remember Presidents Eisenhower and LBJ? Eisenhower proposed virtually the identical Civil Rights Act of 1957, that Speaker of the House LBJ pocketed until he could receive credit for its passage in 1965, as President of the United States of America. Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell are LBJ. They are pocketing favorable portions of Trump’s agenda for the day one of their own, an establishment insider can take credit.

McConnell has been stalling presidential appointments, of federal judges in particular, possibly waiting for the final act of the Nixon Obstruction of Justice Method to remove Trump from office. Ryan and McConnell failed to send Trump the same repeal bill they sent to President Obama, the same bill Republicans would have no excuse to vote against a second time, the one Trump was ready and eager to sign into law his first day on the job. In fact, It’s quite obvious Ryan and McConnell would have been very content to save Obamacare with the passage of Ryancare.

Still desperately hanging onto the notion McConnell is not LBJ? Then consider the only possible reason why McConnell went way out of his way to hold the Senate in pro forma session over the month of August, except to prevent President Trump from making several much needed recess appointments; stalling, waiting for the day his informed expectation the DNC’s Nixon Obstruction of Justice Method will work just one more time, on President Trump.

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