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They may be idiots, they may be race rioters, they may be bigots, but they are very very dangerous. When we export the inner city rot out to the neighborhoods and expect that things will be different we are living in the delusions of la la land. As we demand equality for all and therefore different settings for our government housing, we have imported the very folks who would steal and despoil that which the residents worked hard for and invested in. Over the course of many decades now, the marxist notion of taking from the rich and giving to the poor as if it would be a great evener of inequity and lack of opportunity has been pushed as if it were biblical truth. It is nothing more than the lie of socialism that is meant to put those of us who work for our advantages in our place. That place would be that chosen for us by the ever expanding and powerful government agents who feather their nests and face no consequences for the failings that they have and the lives that they ruin.

It is time that we stopped putting targets on our backs, and letting hands into our pockets in the theft of our “earned” money by those who expect much and give nothing for it. We have created a privileged class of people who have no class, nor understanding of what getting what you deserve really means. If they contribute nothing then that should be their reward – nothing. I learned responsibility over the knee of my Father who used the stick of correction when I got out of line. He rewarded me with an allowance if I met the expectations of grass cutting, garbage collection and deposit, dish and car washing, and sundry other things that were given me as tasks to do and responsibilities to be met. I delivered or I did not get, period. I learned the lessons of science and nature – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These are lessons that once learned are made part of the essence of who we are as people. We earn our bread and butter and we pay our way. Nobody owes us.

It is a sad state of affairs when we are held captive by those who never learned the lessons of the science that I referred to in the previous paragraph and yet expect that giving nothing will lead to the rewards that those who work deserve. Once the spoiled brat learns that yelling and screaming loudly works to secure what they want, there will be no end to the demands and as the ages goes up so does the connivance to gain the rewards without working for it. In the end violence may be the final stage in getting what they want if people stand in their way. Perhaps Dallas is reaping the reward of bad parenting and poor response to the teaching of socialism and marxism. The bullies seem to be able to get guns and wreak havoc where they will. Some believe that they will gain dozens of virgins in some weird eternal reward if they butcher in the name of some false god. Others think that slitting the throats of Christians results in the beneficent smile of their god upon them.

Perhaps the idiot in the white house shares some of these beliefs.


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