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America’s next great President trumps Obama’s theft of America’s wealth.  The Paris Climate Treaty that Obama ratified through imperial fiat to strip away America’s wealth is dead!  Long live the king – America!

The Kyoto Accords, which everyone ignored, did not have the teeth to force nations to comply or suffer consequences.  The Paris Climate Treaty was everything the Left wanted to strip away American wealth to redistribute it to their favorite socialist dictatorships.  What most Democrats don’t understand is that all socialist schemes are designed to steal wealth from those who work for it and give power to those who don’t earn it.  Wealth is not accumulated by the rich for government to take it away and give it to someone else.  They don’t hide it in their mattresses.  They invest it to make their companies to grow creating more jobs, creating more wealth, and making the lives of everyone better.  Liberals do not understand this.  They fail at math which is why they fail at economics.

Fact checking the truth of the Paris Treaty

Leftists believe Obama was a great president because he sees America as they do – the source of evil in the world, the thief who stole the world’s wealth.  Americans are greedy.  This is the backwards thinking of the two-faced Left.  People become wealthy in two ways; they create a product and trade for it, or they steal it.  The righteous man believes in working to produce a product or service for which others are willing to trade, while the leftist acquires wealth by stealing it from those who have it.  They see police and soldiers as tools of tyrants to subjugate the people because that is how they would use them.  Police and soldier protectors are only “evil” to the people who are evil, who are the criminals, who are the terrorists, who are the tyrants.  The Left’s mirror image of righteousness is why they live in ignorance and breed immorality.

Over the coming weeks you will hear nothing from the leftwing media except how Trump is killing the planet for his greed.  Meanwhile, the White House will be explaining how abandoning this scam, manufactured by Obama and the globalist left in their quest for one world government under them, will give the U.S. economy breathing room to recover and expand.  The 1% economic growth under Obama will be ground beneath the 3-4% economic growth under Trump.  Now what remains to be done is to remove the tax burden of ObamaCare from the people’s backs and commit the government to real tax reform.  Businesses and working people must be allowed to prosper and the economy enabled to grow without the government yoke around their necks to make America great again.

Liberals say Trump is going to destroy the Earth

The two faces of leftists are exemplified in the words and actions of Democrats.  Hillary, Bernie, and Obama have all been glittering jewels of liberal hypocrisy.  Obama makes America the evil nation of the world rather than the savior of the world.  America saved Europe and Asia from Nazis and Imperial Japan, and then saved Eastern Europe from Communist Russia, and South Korea and Southeast Asia from Red China.  American trade has made third world nations prosperous, including China, while socialism has made once prosperous nations destitute.  Bernie warns people not to listen to demagogues who would divide people by their identities, yet that is exactly how Democrats divide the people by race, sex, ethnicity, religion, color, and economics.  And Hillary, whose entire campaign was to continue the debacle of Obama policies, and whose only campaign platform was that Trump is a reprobate, blames everyone but herself for losing to the dynamic man who laid out his plan for America’s economic recovery.

When these people are so obviously utterly two-faced then why in God’s name would anyone believe their motives, especially after seeing their actions, are to the benefit of the people?  By word they speak as conservatives, but by deed they do as leftists always do – steal from the rich and give to themselves.  Obama campaigned on reducing the National Debt and instead doubled it with astronomical deficits.  Trump campaigned on restoring America’s economic might and he is doing just that.  Jobs and American energy are being empowered once again.  Only Democrats and their allies among the Republicans stand in his way.  What needs to be “pulled out and put in the bright light” (using Hillary’s words) is how Democrats and RINOs are stealing American’s wealth through their scams of global warming, racism, sexism, homophobia, and promotion of Islamo-Nazi socialist culture.  Leftists say Trump is too childish to be president and leader of the free world and is taking America’s leadership away from the world.  This is exactly opposite of what is happening and the result of their backwards thinking.  That is because they are the children who were given leadership under the childish president Obama who squelched America’s leadership in the world, but you won’t ever hear them admit that what they did was the opposite of what they said they would do.

Stuart Varney slams Paris Climate Treaty

Tucker Carlson examines climate treaty

Climate Change Fraud – the Paris Treaty

The Left says, ‘the world is a global community that Trump wrongly sees as individual nations competing.’  They damn Trump for fighting their agenda to make America subservient to the world rather than the leader.  This flies in the face of their admiration for the worst regimes in the world like Communists and Islamists, both of which will be at each other’s throats just as the commies and Nazis of WWII were after they allied to take on the West.  They smeared Bush for pulling out of the Kyoto Protocols and abolishing the ABM Treaty with the collapsed Soviet Union.  As the Russian Federation assists Iran in developing nukes and ICBMs, and China does the same with North Korea, both powers enable their mad dog subject nations to threaten America with a nuclear attack in the belief they would not be held accountable.  The Left consistently threatens to destroy the world and enslave the people and annihilate anyone who stands in their way.  That they say this is the goal of the Right after two and a half centuries of being proven to not only be wrong, but pathological liars, is psychotic.  Americans need an education to overcome the indoctrination that leftist ideologues have imposed on the young and ignorant for the last half century through schooling, the media, and entertainment.  It is the greatest shame on this nation and the West that people are so galactically ignorant of socialism and Islamism that they do not recognize they are being duped and voting to enslave themselves under Democrats.  And the Right has no excuse for its shame in allowing this to happen.  It is the Left that indoctrinates or exterminates and the Right that educates and protects.  But the righteous have forgotten their responsibility.  In listening to the twisted morality of the Left they have foregone their duty to guard against infiltration by the Left that results in the corruption that tears down what is good in the world.  Always remember that that good is what’s worth fighting for!

Trump trashes Paris Treaty, liberals freak, and stock market soars!

Hillary in denial goes on a whining loser tour

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