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While Obama and his liberal media are more than happy to slut-shame Melania Trump for nude photos, it’s a different story when it’s Obama’s mother’s nude photos being circulated.  But when his own daughter, Malia, goes to a concert and lifts her skirt to display her ass to the cameras the most powerful man in the world is reduced to tears over slut shaming.  Barack and Michelle’s anger at having their daughter’s licentious behavior being turned back on them may end in bloodshed if Obama exercises Sharia in the White House and commits an Honor Killing to save face.

Malia Obama shows off her booty to the world, Obama cries over ‘slut-shaming’

The joke may be on Obama, but Sharia is no joke as Islamists have mutilated and murdered women for centuries as lowly whores.  Women under Muhammad’s Sharia Law have all the rights of second class citizens, which is a step above infidels who are third class citizens.  Sharians make up 5/6ths of those who submit to Islam, which is why so many approve of the Jihad and terrorism against “those who insult Islam,” while at the same time saying they do not approve of violence.  Sharians do not recognize violence against infidels as unrighteous, but as justified, and they use this duplicity to say they are against terrorism but for the Jihad.

Jihad, Muhammad’s word for Holy War (as if war can be holy), is the Prophet’s justification for attacking those who refuse to submit to Islam.  He first employed it after being banished from Mecca sending his followers to attack merchant caravans to murder, rape, and plunder.  This became incorporated into his laws that were called Sharia and justify the brutalizing of women, oppression of non-Muslims, and slavery that is practiced in the Islamic world to this day.  That Obama has pushed Islamization on the West from his position in the White House is no secret, but it is well covered up by the liberal media who excel at stupefying liberals.

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