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Historians in the future will examine the two administrations of Obama: his executive orders, and his actions in the face of historical events. They will examine the economic and societal indicators and spew countless statistics of what went on during his administration. Knowing this, Obama still frantically strives to establish something as his historical legacy.

Sadly, the legacy of Obama will be the historical record of a man forcing a faulty ideology that was doomed to fail. Everything he did was based on his ideology and, no matter how much he tried; nothing built with sand stands firm.

Obama was in the most powerful and precious position in history for the advancement of Black people. He utterly failed. Instead of being a role model for the ages, and telling the young Blacks, “You can be great. It’s up to you. Be a person of character and integrity and vision and be person who excels in the world…” he instead constantly blamed the system and its perceived inherent racism for the inequality between the races.

Decades ago Martin Luther King would privately tell the Black ministers that we (Black people) are responsible for far too much crime and we have to improve our own morality in our striving for racial equality. His assassination was a terrible historical tragedy.

I firmly believe that we would not today have the current horrific rate of fatherless Black homes with its catastrophic results on Black communities had Martin Luther King lived longer as a moral leader.

Instead of emphasizing personal integrity, however, Obama always, with a sleight of hand and rhetoric, presented us with the ideology of the radical leftist – that society is corrupt because it does not give material equality, and that if one creates the society of material equality then it will eliminate the imperfections of individuals.

For Obama the real goal is to establish a society of material equality and therefore actions and morals and laws are all merely relative to this goal. In this relativistic view of history, as he consistently alluded, the shooting of Black criminals engaged with police and the assassination of police officers by racist Blacks can be seen as somewhat equivalent:  these deaths occur because of the inherent cancer of this present society – unfortunate bumps in the road towards the establishment of that “perfect society.”

For Obama the hordes of migrants being forced on the citizens of the United States was yet another desperate tactic towards leveling our tainted U.S. society…everyone is equal.

For Obama the appointment of liberal Supreme Court justices was another necessity – the Constitution and Bill of Rights cannot be seen as any type of expression of eternal sacred standards, but are merely documents relative to a moment in history and must be reinterpreted as history progresses towards that establishment of the perfect society of material equality.

Perhaps his aloofness may end up being seen by some future historians studying  his archives as a truly painful, lonely ordeal — that others somehow could not understand his vision, could not share his dream, could not help make that perfection he desired, and could not appreciate the extreme measures he tried. Maybe, in his own heart, he saw himself as a suffering prophet… doomed to un-acceptance by those lesser mortals who could not shed the racism they inherited.

Unfortunately, he just never realized that he was a man with a faulty belief up against the Laws of the Universe. The constitution he desperately wanted to bend and mend and mold did in actuality represent divine eternal truths – that man is not totally molded by the environment or society, but rather is constituted in the image of the divine creator and the advancement of society demands the moral responsibility and maturation of individuals; and never can the ends justify tainted means.

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