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Obama is trying to reignite his “Hope and Change” campaign of 2008 to “Take it back” at a time when people have the 20/20 hindsight of what his socialism wrought.  He blamed Bush for inheriting a bad economy, but now he tries to take credit for Trump’s economic boom.  So, is a president responsible for his own economy or do they just have the economy of the last president?

Barack Obama promotes division against Trump’s Americanism

Judge Jeanine blasts Obama promoting Obammunism

As has always been his technique, Obama speaks in obscure terms making vague references in order to impugn Republicans through implication and assumption.  His high rhetoric of promising the Sun, the Moon, and the stars to his base of brainless lemmings always impresses them when they give the reality no thought.  Democrats cannot honestly express their policies but must paint socialism as rainbows and lollipops rather than the truth.  Otherwise, the people would recoil in horror against their intentions to make America a communist toilet.

Here’s a simple fact that 80% of Americans do not understand.  President don’t control the economy.  Congress does with their policies, taxes, and regulations.  Presidents can guide them with their policies, but Congress doesn’t have to do what they say.  But president’s still get blamed for it and likewise take credit for it.  Like Clinton who took credit for the 90s boom of Newt Gingrich’s Republican Congress that lowered taxes and stifled regulations against his will.  Clinton shut down the government to keep Gingrich’s plan from being instituted, but Newt stood firm.

Bush kept the economy going while America was at war by keeping taxes low.  But the economy went down in 2007 and crashed in 2008 under Bush, except that it was Democrats who were given control of Congress in the 2006 midterms.  And Barack Obama was a part of that Democrat controlled Congress that crashed the economy to blame Bush in order to get him elected president.  This has been a pattern of leftist campaigners forever – take credit for the success of others and blame other for their own failures.  It is also a century long pattern of Democrats in Congress.  The economy always suffers most when Democrats have power, especially when they obtain Supermajorities.

The Great Obama Depression; 2009 – 2017

This is how the government affects the economy:

Presidents don’t make the economy.  They make policy that Congress follows or fights against depending on who controls what.  Congressional policies, taxes, and regulations are what control the economy.  Republicans took control of Congress in 1994 and their policies are what led to the boom of the late 90s.  Democrats took Congress in 2006 and it was their policies that led to the crash of 2008.  Democrats want to take control of Congress again and put a halt to this progress under Trump.  Obama says Republicans are taking America backwards and he wants Democrats to take it forward.  It is just the opposite.

B.O. says Republicans are fanning the flames of “fear and anger rooted in America’s past.”  No, that fear and anger is rooted in Democrats today who are waging war on the streets under the phony titles of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  The “anti-fascists” fighting Republicans are not fighting fascism but reinitiating it.   Republicans are not promoting hate speech when they promote America first.  Democrats want the people to believe only what they tell them to believe about Republicans.  That’s why the left doesn’t want people to hear what Republicans are actually saying so they scream and shout, riot, and shadow ban them on social media to censor them.

The supposedly anti-racists of BLM are not fighting for black lives or they would be fighting for those being murdered on the streets of Chicago.  What they are doing is instituting racism against white cops defending themselves against black criminals.  Obama’s election and promise to heal the racial divide in this country instead split the gulf wider as he embraced the leftist ideology of freeing criminals.  Blaming law enforcement for punishing crime has led to police assassinations and disrespect for the nation and its founding.

Obama’s speech heard today can be seen with the hindsight of 20/20 vision that it is Democrats who divide and take, and Republicans who unite and build.  Obama’s socialism discouraged people from making more money that he would just take and give to his cronies and welfare voter slaves.  Trump’s capitalism allows people to prosper from their own labor and incentivizes them to earn more.  That’s why investors to whom Obama gave $6 trillion in deficit taxpayer dollars over his eight years suddenly erupted onto Wall Street with Hillary’s defeat.

Flipping the Congress

Gingrich flipped the Congress in 1994 to stop Clinton’s tax increases creating a new recession, and the economy boomed.  Pelosi flipped the Congress in 2006 after the media spent six years warping people’s minds by assassinating President Bush’s character, and the economy tanked.  Bush failed to respond to their slanders, but Trump does not!  He is a plain-spoken man who does not take guff from lying politicians.  Those who believe Trump should be like Bush forget, or fully understand, that the media poisoned the people against him because of his silence.

Bush’s Republican Congress grew in 2002 as Americans united to go to war.  Trump’s Republican Congress should grow this November as patriotic Americans unite to go to work!  Only America haters who want to reimpose Obama’s socialism will be working against us.  Don’t let their blue state voter fraud of giving the vote to felons in prison and illegal aliens make America suck again.  Don’t let Washington swamp rats suck up the wealth Trump just unleashed with his policies back into their pockets.

America’s future

You cannot convince liberals with their heads in the sand to see or hear the truth.  Tell your friends who are apathetic that if they truly want to have hope in their nation’s government, if they truly want their country back, then they must vote to save America from the Democrats.  Tell them about the lies the leftwing media creates to smear him, about the poison they inject in people’s minds toward Trump.

You cannot know a person by listening to what others say about him.  You have to listen to what he says, watch what he actually does, and you will realize that the left is discoloring the truth.  Boobs don’t become billionaires.  Donald Trump is not a polished politician, but an open and honest man.  He won’t tolerate people slandering him and calls them out on their lies rather than make pretty speeches.  Obama proved how nasty a liar he is about the economy, about Benghazi, about Republicans, and about everything.

Benghazi hero slams Obama for claiming the attack was a “conspiracy theory”

The Republican Party is not the home of racism.  That is the Big Lie manufactured by the left.  Good ol’ boy Democrats of the South did not take over the party of their hated enemy who took their slaves away.  Republicans moved south under Reagan because Democrat controlled unions in the north squelched prosperity.  A century of Democrats controlling Congress made America weaker with only occasional surges as Republicans got a hand on power.  Now the nation is prospering, recovering, as it never could under Democrats and they want their power back to profit from it.

It is not Republicans who are for the rich and Democrats who are for the poor.  It is Republicans who are for Americanism and Democrats who are for the elites ruling, and prospering, over the masses.  Those who live in Democrat controlled cities can attest to their importing cheap labor and keeping their angry welfare voter slaves in their ghettos.  America is on the brink of recovering or being lost forever depending on how people vote over the next decade – especially this November when the Trump Train will either be energized or derailed.

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