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Obama has nearly destroyed the Democrat Party by overreaching.

He has spent a lot of the last 8 years violating the Constitution and using “executive orders” as if they were laws, thereby “bypassing Congress”–which ought to get him a prison cell, or at least impeachment and FIRING. His foreign policy is a DISASTER that has lost us the respect of the world. He has released THOUSANDS of violent criminals from prison, as well as as many Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill as many of us as they can.

Democrats have lost THOUSANDS of seats in legislatures all over the country, and many governorships, not to mention losing their majority in the Congress in the last election, then seeing that loss INCREASED in this one, while LOSING a “fixed election” they thought would be a “shoo-in” for Hillary Clinton. The Democrat Party is in shambles. It doesn’t know what to do to regain its former eminence.

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And it won’t for a long time–if ever.

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Until somnolent Republicans return to their own ignorance and stop voting again, as they have in the past, which is why Democrats have won so much in the last half century–until now. Obama is either one of the most IGNORANT presidents we have ever had, or he just doesn’t care. Trump got more votes than ANY Republican, EVER, in the past.

It’s like a fighter pilot who crashed his plane and walked away, unscathed, uncaring.


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Ray Thomas

Author of "What's Wrong IN America" and "Pay Attention to Politics,: Both available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I intend to spend whatever time I have left telling the TRUTH about what your government is doing to you, with the help of the bureaucracy and the educational system, and the liberal media. Up to now, I have been doing it through my three main blogs, which I update daily. they are: "The Bull Cutter) (, "The Unarmed Citizen" ( and "Ray's Shorts"( Read these blogs to keep up on what's happening that the liberal media refuses to cover, and just ignores.


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