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The only balls that Hussein Obama has are golf balls and he plays with them way too much.

In my library are books written before and during the Obama administration.  The “before” books go all the way back to the 1930’s when H. G. Wells wrote his theory of “things to come” and, sadly, a lot of what he thought then has come to pass. 1949 saw the publication of George Orwell’s “1984” and his view of the world was even more devastating…and now is coming true.   The books that cover the administration of Obama are no less revealing and no less frightening either.  Re-reading some of these makes me wonder about how some people could know so much and never get the public to understand that we are self-destructing.   I recently read “America Alone” by Mark Steyn and was unpleasantly surprised to find out that in 2006 he was so accurate, based on current events.

It seems to me that there used to be a position held by state officials and it was about looting during a riot, or natural disaster.  In short it was “if you loot, we shoot” and that has gone by the boards apparently.   Why should the public be subjected to thievery following a riot or natural disaster, when popping one or two looters would put an end to that sort of thing?   Unless there is a federal law against it, and if I was the governor of a state, that would be the first rule to follow.   Put the police out there in riot gear with instructions to shoot anyone with a weapon and who does not comply with a request to put the weapon down…and a weapon is not just a firearm.  A weapon is a brick, a rock, a baseball bat, a knive, an axe…anything.   Anyone in the street, with a weapon and who does not comply with the request to put it down and put their hands on their head is a potential attacker…and the police do not need to be shy when it comes to saving their own life.

On October 24, 2014, Hillary Clinton gave a speech on behalf of Martha Coakley, who was running for Governor of Massachusetts at the time.  In the speech she said, “Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”   Clinton herself later said she “shorthanded” her comments.   Now folks, remember, this is the same person that “short-circuited” her remarks in 2016.   Hillary Clinton attempted to clarify recent misleading statements about her use of a private email server at the State Department, saying she “may have short-circuited” her answers about it.  It seems to me that Mrs. Clinton makes a lot of wrong answers and then has to back-track on them, because it’s for sure she won’t stand behind them.

While we’re on the subject of the Clinton Clan, how’s this for an eye-opener… Recently in The Political Insider it was said that Chelsea Clinton may not be the biological daughter of Bill and Hillary.  Another skeleton in Hillary’s closet is coming back to haunt her… It appears Chelsea Clinton’s real father is Webster Hubbell, the former Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas. Hubbell was a law partner at Rose Law Firm with Hillary, and became one of the most important Clinton-insiders.   Then-Governor Clinton appointed Hubbell as Chief Justice of the Arkansas State Supreme Court, but 10 years later he resigned before pleading guilty to federal mail fraud and tax evasion for overbilling clients. Hubbell served 15 months in prison.   The New Yorker reported on rumors that Hillary Clinton’s affair was first noticed in 1984 at the Governor’s Mansion during Bill’s second term, but had started long before.  

Apparently, Bill Clinton is infertile. This raises serious character questions about Hillary Clinton… If she was elected, this type of sex scandal could open her up to blackmail.   Robert Morrow claimed:     “His exact words were, ‘I shoot blanks.’ Stunned by what I’d just heard, I asked him, ‘Then what about Chelsea?’ And he said, ‘Oh, Webb (Hubbell) sired her.’”   As the National Enquirer reported (the same tabloid which broke the John Edwards sex scandal), the accusation was being made by former Clinton aide Larry Nichols.       “According to well-respected author Edward Klein’s (2005) book, The Truth about Hillary, Bill discovered his wife was pregnant by reading it in the ‘Arkansas Gazette.’”   “It’s unfortunate, sad really, that Chelsea has no real relationship with Hubbell – who I believe to be her real biological father – when he’s alive and kicking and living in North Carolina.

“But it could be she’s in denial, despite overwhelming proof that Webb is her real dad.”   “Whatever Chelsea does or doesn’t know about her paternity, I’m sure she considers Bill her real dad — despite there being no blood ties,” Nichols said. “I saw firsthand what a doting, loving father he was to his little girl.   “He always treated her as if she was his own – which in his heart, I believe she’s always been – from day one.”   And, as an update, the National Enquirer attempted a DNA test and Hubble was NOT excluded as the possible father:  The ENQUIRER approached Webb, 67, at a book signing in Durham, N.C., on July 18, 2014. He was promoting his political thriller ironically titled, “When Men Betray.”       Webb arrived to a crowd of about 10 people in attendance – including an ENQUIRER reporter posing as a fan.  

Our reporter presented a brand new Sharpie pen and a pristine copy of the book. Webb signed his name in the book – and even agreed to place both the book and the Sharpie pen in a protective bag. “Webb was more than accommodating. He just thought I was some kind of super fan,” said the reporter, who also retrieved a large Starbucks drink that Webb had been drinking from – which was later tested for additional saliva and DNA!     Chelsea’s DNA was much more difficult to acquire. As a former First Daughter, she’s constantly guarded by Secret Service agents or an entourage from her dad’s Clinton Foundation – where she serves as Vice Chairwoman.     On April 9, however, The ENQUIRER was there as Chelsea spoke about public health initiatives at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston.

The undercover ENQUIRER reporter posed as a high school student visiting Harvard on a college tour. As Chelsea exited the auditorium, the teenager followed with a new Sharpie and a clean copy of Hillary’s authorized biography, “Living History.” “Chelsea, I admire you so much! Can you sign your mother’s book for me?” the teen gushed.       Eager to please, Chelsea signed the book for the teenager – who quickly returned it, along with the Sharpie pen tucked inside, to an ENQUIRER reporter.    The samples were taken to a genetics lab in the Southeastern United States – which agreed to do the testing on the agreement that The ENQUIRER not publish its name.    The forensic examination of the samples could not disprove that Webb was Chelsea’s father – with the official result being “inconclusive.”

In a surprise move, the entire police force of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado,  resigned, and this prompted the Mayor Jane Newberry to suggest that the 700 residents of the town “all look out for each other.”   In years past, Colorado was a big part of what we now call the wild, wild west…but it has certainly undergone a huge change.   The skiing crowd, and they’re probably mostly Democrat, have transformed the state from a place where people were rugged individualists to politically correct wusses.   With no police force to protect them they’ll probably have to depend on county or state law enforcement agencies…and who knows how long it might take for them to get to where a crime is being committed?   Coloradans, listen up…you have a heritage of cowboys, so get back to your roots and start carrying a sidearm.   When seconds count, the police are going to be minutes away…you can make a choice to live or die…and a weapon will help you make that decision.

There are volumes that have been written about demographics, literally hundreds of them.   They give all sorts of statistics as to what is happening and what is going to happen.  Yes, I know that statistics can lie, but there is one fact that emerges from all the numbers, and that is that in an area or a country where Islam is dominant, birthrates are four to six times higher than the surrounding area or country.   Europe, which will soon be Eurabia, is a good example of this.   Europeans are aging and the replacement younger generation does not wish to remain in a country where they will be used to support the elders…so they will leave for greener pastures, so to speak.   The gap that is left by these young Europeans is being filled by young Eurabians.   These are people born into a European country, but whose heart and soul belong to Islam.   There is no denying this fact when the demographics are looked at with an objective eye.   Europeans are reproducing at about 1.3 babies per woman, whereas the Muslim birthrate is about 4 to 6 times that amount.   This phenomenon is not confined to Europe, as you might hope, but even here in the United States, we are seeing this, albeit in smaller numbers.   It just will take one or two more generations here, than it has been taking in Europe.      

Now, a parting shot. It’s been reported that Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau wants to legalize recreational marijuana.  Maybe it’s because he admitted that he smoked it several times, and it could also draw Americans across the border, that he favors the legalization.  Who knows?


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