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“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore, by their fruits you will know them. – Jesus the Christ, Parable of False Prophets, Matthew 7:15-20 

When Satan says Jesus is the Evil One

There is a movement in America that casts God as the oppressor and Satan as the liberator.  Atheists who reject God and Christ are glomming onto the fallacy that Lucifer, which means the Light Bringer, is actually the good lord who tried to warn mankind that Jesus brought false salvation to those who chose to enslave themselves to God.  The confusion they promote is exacerbated by Islam that also rejects the Christ and demands submission to Allah.  How do you know which side is good and which is evil?  It’s not rocket science.  Jesus said you have a choice to choose to love God or reject Him.  If you accept Christ as your Savior then you have an admission to Heaven, but if you reject God then you will be left to live your life as you choose but will not be admitted to Heaven.  With Satan if you accept him then you must serve him, but if you reject him he will destroy your life.

We see the same thing in mankind.  If you serve a good man and fail him he will forgive you.  If you serve an evil man and fail him he will destroy you.  We see it in Hollywood where some are rewriting stories to make the heroes into the villains and the villains into the heroes.  They say they are doing it to present “original stories rather than the same tired old tales.”  They say they are doing it because good people are not all good and bad people are not all bad.  The movie, “Crash,” is the left’s attempt to humanize good and bad people, but they fail to realize the most important element.  They lack the moral understanding that police may have some bad apples, but that doesn’t make them all bad.  Likewise, just because a criminal does some good doesn’t make him a good person.  He is still a criminal.  Would you trust a gangbanger with your money or your safety?

It is easier for a cop to be corrupted than for a criminal to be reformed.  But then, that’s what Jesus is for.  Criminals who are reformed virtually always do so because they accept Christ in their hearts.  If they don’t have the heart to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, they don’t turn away from their evil.  This is what atheists fail to comprehend as they promote their own version of morality.  Like all liberals they see the difference between good and bad, but not the difference between right and wrong.

Morality in humanity

Democrats Glorify the ‘Spark of Humanity’ in MS-13

The Fruits of Obama and Trump

What are the fruits of Obama and Trump?  Their fruits are the results of their policies and the actions they took and are taking in their presidencies.  Trump is only a year and a half into his presidency and the American economy, that Obama said was the new normal while it was stagnant under his regime, is now booming.  The GDP couldn’t grow beyond 2% under Obama but is growing at over 4% under Trump.  Obama claims that this growth is due to his policies, not due to Trump’s elimination of Obama’s policies.  This is what Jesus meant when he referred to false prophets as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

They lie.

Candace Owens: a righteous black voice in the darkness

The fruits of Obama and the Democrats is clear to those who are not confused by the leftwing media’s spin on events to pull the wool over our eyes.  America’s economic collapse in 2008 was engineered by Democrats to blame on Bush and Republicans in order to dupe people into voting for Obama, a Moslem socialist pretending to be an American Christian.  He spent the next eight years managing America’s decline, squandering America’s wealth, and stealing American taxpayer’s future.  His multiple trillion-dollar deficits he blamed on Bush made Americans generational debt slaves to Democrat’s greed.  He siphoned off billions of dollars to his Wall Street cronies and gave more billions to America’s enemies.  His policies of choking American businesses, crushing American energy, and extorting American companies kept the nation in thrall to his “new normal.”

This gave rise to the TEA Party movement of patriotic Americans that love this country who saw past the leftwing media’s façade.  They immediately portrayed this as racism and have since smeared Republicans as the party of the KKK, the militant arm that Democrats employed after Republicans took their slaves away to keep blacks in the South oppressed.  They claim this is so because the South became Republican in the 80s as northern Republicans moved south to escape the corrupt Democrat unions.  The ignorant are easily confused and manipulated with simple ideas such as making them believe that good ol’ redneck boys joined the party of Lincoln because the GOP had instead become racist.

This delusion is what drives liberals to violence today.  They believe they are justified declaring that the GOP is rightwing Nazis of the KKK.  Obama created an army akin to Hitler’s Brown Shirts through his PAC, “Organizing for Action.”  He, under America hater George Soros, created Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter.  With his PAC Obama gave birth to Antifa which, like all the others, are pro-socialist, pro-criminal, pro-oppressor, anti-capitalist, anti-police, anti-Christian, anti-American heathens bent on destroying America as founded.  They pretend to be fighting socialist fascism while implementing it.

Overseas Obama’s funding gave power to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood to foment rebellions against governments that kept jihadis in check.  With his aid ISIS was born to almost overthrow Iraq and reverse President Bush’s victory.  His faux bombing campaign that enabled ISIS to turn on Syria resulted in Russia getting involved creating a rift between Obama and Putin to whom he had promised to disarm America’s nuclear arsenal.  Obama’s brown thumb leftism resulted in European states electing leftist governments who have allowed the Islamic Jihad to invade their countries by importing Moslems to colonize the West.

The result has been a proliferation of crimes, rapes, and terror attacks throughout Europe.  Only those nations like Hungary and Poland that refused the EU’s commands to take in Moslems because they remember their history with Islam have been left unharmed.  The leaders of the EU were following Obama’s lead to establish a New World Order by creating the conditions by which the masses could be subdued in Europe.  Despite atheist socialist’s detestation of religion, they have come to realize that Islam forces the best control over the masses that socialists desire.

Trump leads the TEA Party to victory

Now President Donald Trump, American conservative Christian, has thrown a big monkey wrench into their plans by revitalizing America.  He was a darling of the left until he announced his candidacy for president as a Republican.  Now he is smeared and slandered by them as a racist, sexist, homophobic xenophobe.  But by Trump’s actions undoing Obama’s legacy the nation is prospering mightily once again as he takes Obama’s Democrat boot off the throats of businesses.  Not missing an opportunity to continue his deception, Obama took credit for the boom and the leftwing media hailed him as their messiah once again.  But the TEA Party was not fooled.  We elected Trump because of the GOP’s failure to fight against the left and Trump has proven to be an outstanding natural born champion of America.  He has repeatedly blown up the Left’s lies and has succeeded in forcing them out into the open.

Now they openly declare themselves America hating socialists who want to overthrow the Constitution and establish a dictatorship akin to those of Muhammad’s, Hitler’s, Stalin’s, and Mao’s.  Mexico elected a socialist in direct opposition to Trump to continue the influx of Democrat’s imported cheap labor and illegal welfare voter slaves.  Mexico is actively at war with America to maintain the invasion of intruders stealing American jobs and votes.  This 4th of July proved to the nation that the America hating Democrats are not patriots who love this country and her Constitution but want to overthrow it to make themselves the dictatorial rulers of this land.

  • If you believe America is a racist nation, you are NOT a patriot, you are an America hater!
  • If you believe capitalism is evil stealing from the poor, you are NOT a patriot, you are an America hater!
  • If you believe socialism is good, you are NOT a patriot, you are an America hater!
  • If you believe burning the flag is rightful protesting, you are NOT a patriot, you are an America hater!
  • If you believe republicanism is akin to Nazism, you are NOT a patriot, you are an America hater!
  • If you believe Republicans are the KKK, you are NOT a patriot, you are an America hater!
  • If you believe Democrats are for the poor and oppressed, you are NOT an educated, moral, right-thinking American, you are an irrational, dysfunctional thinking, ignorant fool!
  • If you think you are right to demonize Republicans and glorify Democrats, you are not a good person, you’re an idiot!

Pretending that Republicans are neo-Nazi KKK is a psychotic delusion that won’t fly with right-thinking Americans.  It only works with the criminals of the left who believe American law keeps them oppressed.  Leftists cannot pull the wool over the eyes of everyone.  As Lincoln said:

“You can fool all the people some of the time (we call them Obama voters), and some of the people all the time (we call them Democrats), but you cannot fool all the people all the time” (we call ourselves the TEA Party – and we are still here!)

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