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One way to evaluate a president is through his foreign policy. The important question is “Did he leave the country safer from foreign powers than his predecessor did?” In the case of President Obama, let us list America’s foreign threats that we did not have eight years ago.


We have many terrorist threats now. To organize them, I will break it down by country (or groups that think that they are countries).


Iran is working on nuclear weapons and delivery systems that work from surface ships. It is also expanding its submarine fleet. It apparently wants to use nuclear weapons on a target that Iran can best access from water. Can you guess the name of the target?


ISIS is recruiting people all over the world to go on suicide missions. These people prefer gun-free zones. The United States has plenty of such zones. ISIS is an acronym for Islamic State. It is not really a state, but it is trying to defeat Syria and Iraq, so that it can take over those states. It will then actually be a state. At that point, it will get far more respect than mass murderers deserve.

Al Qaeda

Fortunately, the world has better airport security than it had on 9/11. Al Quada has been reduced to murdering just a few at a time, typically in the Middle East. It was supposed to go away completely with the death of Bin Laden.


At the beginning of the Obama Administration, Libya was evil, but stable. Now, the country is in constant civil war. By the way, it never apologized for Benghazi.


They have terrorists called Boko Haram. These savages make their money by kidnapping girls and young women and selling them for $13.


They have always been enemies to those who want to live in peace. Recently, they used American money to buy materials to build underground tunnels from which they would have sneak attacked the Israelis.


We have the strange phenomenon that we call them an ally, give them money and training, and worry that they will kill our soldiers when their backs are turned.


We also call Pakistan an ally. This “ally” housed Osama Bin Laden near their local police station. I guess they wanted to make sure that Bin Laden did not get mugged.


Obama pulled troops out of Iraq making a power vacuum that ISIS was only too glad to fill. This made the many years of American soldiers fighting for Iraqi freedom a wasted effort.


This is a mess. The players are the Assad government, the rebels who want to overthrow Assad, and ISIS, which wants to rule the world starting here. Russia helps Assad and the US helps the rebels. Sometimes the US, in its desire to give money to the rebels, ends up giving money to ISIS. Who are the good guys? I cannot find any.

Just Plain Mean

These countries are either imperialistic or get enormous satisfaction from ruling their people with an iron fist.


Freed in 1992, Russia did not know how to behave like a democracy. Power is now in the hands of people who would like to go back to the “good old days” of the Soviet Union. We defeated the Soviets with toughness. Now, Russia manipulates Europe with their energy supplies, has a hand in Syria’s civil war, and takes a strong, if not violent, position against Muslims, especially in Chechnya. Expect Russia to meddle in other countries’ affairs whenever it appears to be useful.


China controls 1.4 billion people and is not content with that. They are building artificial islands and claiming that they own those areas. This puts pressure on many in the region including Taiwan. Taiwan is an embarrassment to China. It is a democratic republic with Chinese people and has much greater prosperity than does Mainland China. It is proof that people of Chinese culture will prosper the most with freedom. China would love to take Taiwan back. A weak US will embolden China’s desire for expansion.

North Korea

North Korea wants nuclear weapons and a delivery system, not because they want to conquer the world, but because they can use the capability to blackmail the US. Why would they think that this would work? Because it worked in 1994. North Korea got $4 billion from the US in exchange for the promise that they would not develop a nuclear capability. So much for promises.


Obama set up normal relations with Communist Cuba. Now, Americans can visit Cuba and partake of its government run prostitution. Expect Cuba to do much more than screw their own people.

Domestic Foreigners

Only Barack Obama, who hired Josh Earnest, could come up with an oxymoronic foreign policy problem. These people are either enemy foreigners in our country or Americans made to feel like they are foreigners.

Domestic Terrorists

ISIS causes trouble in more than just Syria. They can somehow talk people who live in the US to shoot as many people as possible until they themselves are killed. During the George W. Bush administration, this might be a single victim. Now, it could be as many as 50.

Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens distort our economy, fail to assimilate, and end up changing our society to the point that we wonder what our native language is. Obama’s response is to encourage more illegal aliens, especially if they are Muslim. What should we expect in the future? In Germany, Chancellor Merkel imported Muslims to solve their labor problem. Now they have a crime problem. The Swedish have responded to Muslim crime with the establishment of “no-go zones,” neighborhoods where the police dare not enter. In that country, the Muslim crime specialty seems to be rape. This is what happens when a country chooses not to control its borders.

Blacks whom Obama has Alienated

At every opportunity, Obama has talked about how society, and especially the police, mistreats blacks. He got many blacks into so much anger, that they want to shoot police officers whose only crime is wearing the uniform. By brainwashing blacks into hating their own country, Obama has cut off any chance of them enjoying the American Dream. Obama betrayed his own race.


The US is the policeman of the world. Without American vigilance, anarchists will seize power wherever there is an easy target. This should be a no-brainer, but Obama got it wrong. This is his legacy.


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