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Two things Obama would change in America would unmake America.

America’s immigration laws and gun control laws are broken, according to Obama when he says we need “common sense reform.”  But it’s not the laws that are broken, it’s the law keepers.  America’s immigration and gun control laws work and work well.

It is Democrats who are more intent on opening the nation’s borders than in guarding them against foreign enemies that are the problem.  They are more intent on taking guns from citizens than in keeping guns from the hands of criminals and terrorists.  Obama’s “common sense” is nonsense.

The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, is the son of Afghan immigrants who support the Taliban.  He himself was on the FBI terror watch list.  Yet they were allowed to immigrate into the United States, and he was permitted to buy weapons.  He was born in America, but pledged his allegiance to ISIS in revenge for America bombing his “homeland” of Afghanistan.

This did not happen because our laws are inadequate, but because our laws were ignored.  Obama and the Democrats cannot be said to just be incompetent failures when they have stated their goal is to make America a borderless nation and restrict the gun rights of law-abiding citizens.  How Obama can stand in front of a microphone speak as if he is being reasonable when he is openly violating American law clearly establishes where his allegiance lies.

Obama has said ‘he would stand with Moslems if political winds shifted in an ugly direction.’  Lest anyone forget, it was Democrats who interred Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor.  Republicans did not inter Moslems in America after 9/11.  But make no mistake; Islam is at war with America and always has been, and Islamists in America today are calling for her overthrow.

Obama has also said America is not at war with Islam.  This answers the question as to why those who want to destroy America are being allowed to immigrate into her and tear her apart from within.  Moslems who now live in America and call themselves “American citizens,” yet at the same time call for the overthrow of the Constitution in order to install Sharia law are not Americans.  There is no reason to inter them, but there is every reason to strip them of their citizenship and eject them.

Every country has borders to protect themselves from the people on the other side who want to harm them, and laws that forbid sedition to overthrow the government that protects the people.  Obama and the Democrats are encouraging those who despise America, who are anti-American, and who wish to overthrow American law to immigrate to America and assist them in establishing one-party rule.  This is why, to Democrats, the most dangerous people are not Islamists or illegal immigrants, but Republicans and the TEA Party patriots.

Hillary says we can’t really fix our immigration system unless we naturalize the illegal immigrants that are already here.  She says we also must allow any who wish to come to America as “refugees” to do so.  There has never been a greater betrayal of American values and citizenship in the history of this nation than by modern Democrats – especially Obama and Hillary.

Obama keeps saying that rejecting Moslem refugees “is not who we are.”  Obama is so far opposite of who we are that he is bringing the world’s deadliest enemies into our home.  Never has it been more imperative for Americans to open their eyes to see what is happening and not only understand who the enemy is, but realize who we are!

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