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The government reports how many jobs have been created and how many jobs have been lost for any given period of time. The government keeps track of this by tracking the number people who apply for unemployment and the number on unemployment. If the number of people on unemployment drops the government concludes they must have found jobs. Of course many do not find jobs and their unemployment runs out and they are then categorized as people who are no longer looking for work as the government cannot track them when there is no criteria for their status. Since there is no way to tell if they are working or not, since they do not have a government form or procedure to follow ( such as reporting they are looking for work ) the government in all its infinite wisdom assumes they’re no longer looking for work. This I submit is the most asinine assumption anybody could make.

When you are out of work and you are out of unemployment payments how many of you would simply give up looking for work? If you did ,what would you live on? If a job was available would you turn it down because the government said you were no longer looking? People don’t stop looking for work because the government says so. I might add the media is so enamored with government reporting they never consider the reality that not looking for work with nothing to live on is not something they would do or anyone else they know would do. Does journalism teach them to simply wipe out their observations of reality and cling to government reporting and propaganda?

According to the government figures there are thousands if not millions of people not looking for work because they have given up. Yet there are groceries being bought, automobiles being driven, movies being attended,clothes purchased, heating and air conditioning being utilized, lawns being mowed, dishes being washed and popcorn being consumed. And none of this is being done by those who are hidden in a basement giving up looking for work.

The government thinks by phony reporting it can make sense of its “management” of the economy. The phony inflation reporting proves this is bogus. This is another example of the media who is charged with keeping the government honest dropping the ball and simply accepting government figures. The media knows the government has changed how it reports inflation and it know that there are serious flaws in the method utilized. Yet it simply goes on reciting bogus inflation numbers ( even on business channels ) as if there was some validity to them. Anybody who has tried to buy a steak or milk knows there is a higher price attached to it than a year ago. The knowledge that healthcare is rising in cost and putting insurance companies out of business is commonplace. Yet the media is willing to ignore and recite as if they had no higher calling than appeasement of corruption and political sycophants. What does the press want freedom for if not to report the truth? Of what value is a free press that refuses to report the truth?

As long as the government meddles in the economy it will be necessary for them to try to bamboozle the public with bogus reporting and schemes that they won’t acknowledge. The government is an agency that deals in force only and has no idea how business is conducted and what it depends on. The notion that a President is responsible for an economy is another piece of bogus information that is swallowed and has no relationship to reality. Presidents are members of the executive branch of government which means they are responsible for executing the laws enacted by Congress and interpreted by the Judiciary. Where does running the country’s business fit in all this? It doesn’t . Thus when the government meddles in the economy they must fudge figures to make it look like they know what they are doing. Cooking the books doesn’t reveal anything except the dishonesty of the culprits running the government.
A criminal enterprise consists of people who commit fraud, use force and intimidation and lie about what they are doing. When politicians are allowed to steal by law, commit counterfeiting and issue fake reports made up to look like they are doing legitimate “work” they are equivalent to a criminal enterprise and should be called out on it by a press that is not restricted by anything but their own cowardice.


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