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As we get closer to the end of this election more information about the Left’s lies and corruption becomes public every day. These reports include details about rampant voter fraud and intimidation in many areas of the country with the Department of Injustice and Federal Election Commission ignoring the fraud, and actually facilitating it in some instances. Plus there is an endless stream of reports about incompetence, fraud and mismanagement throughout the government including the corruption in the FBI in its deliberate mishandling of Emailgate. With all that is happening and being reported by FOX and other select media, and then being shared on Face Book and twitter, it seems like Obamacare problems and issues are somewhat old news. However, with all that just became public about Obamacare it is obvious that this election will determine if Obamacare is replaced with something better or something worse. “Something worse” is a single payer system, which is government run healthcare like the VA for everyone!

The arrogant indifference to the truth and the rule of law displayed by the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress regarding the “Affordable Care Act” inception, approval, implementation and administration has been inconceivable from the beginning . To use an old quote, “you would have to be living under a rock” to have missed hearing the lies and insults to the “average American” made by Obama, Democrats and people like Johnathan Gruber. You would also have to be “living under a rock” to NOT be aware of the stream of illegal Executive Orders that Obama issued during the implementation of Obamacare. Some of the most notable lies/insults were:

  • We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.
  • If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor.
  • If you like your health care plan you can keep you health care plan.
  • We are going to bend the cost of health care curve down.
  • Jonathan Gruber said at a conference about Obamacare, “the law was written to hide crucial details from an American public too dumb to understand.…..” (Gruber is the MIT professor who was involved in drafting the original Obamacare plan).

Of course none of these lies, or any of the other lies told over the years are even remotely true. What I and my wife have experienced since the implementation of Obamacare (and we are not even on Obamacare) is the absolute opposite of what was promised, and our experience has been mild compared to what many Americans have experienced. Our Doctor sold his private practice to the local hospital chain and left the profession, we lost our $1,000 annual preventative care allowance, our deductibles have increased, I have had to wait for approvals for certain treatments, it is harder to get appointments with our new primary care Doctor, our premiums have increased, we have been forced to change carriers every year except this year and our Eye Doctor stopped accepting our current coverage so I have to pay him in cash for my annual checkups (I am over 65  so I am Medicare/United Health Care). Regarding my Medicare coverage, my private medical care coverage provider required me to change to it as my primary coverage when I turned 65. My monthly premium for Medicare has been “means tested” (based on our joint annual income) since I signed up for the plan. What that means is that my monthly Medicare premium, which is deducted from my Social Security check, is $66 more than the normal base cost, and it will increase another $40 on January 1. My wife will be forced into the same situation when she turns 65 next Month.

Regarding premium increases, the Obama Administration now acknowledges that in January there will be a “double digit increase” in monthly premiums. When pressed by some members of the media, the Administration said the increases would “average 25 percent”. According to some reports I saw yesterday and this morning, in some states it will be well over 100 per cent, which basically makes it unaffordable for people and families who are not eligible for Government assistance with their premiums.

In addition to the illegal Executive Orders issued by Obama during the implementation of Obamacare let’s not forget the billions of dollars wasted on the development of state exchanges intended to manage Obamacare in each state, which have already failed or are now failing.

Regarding Insurance carriers who are participating in Obamacare and offering coverage in some states as a secondary partner with Medicare, the numbers are steadily declining and choices are constantly changing. As noted above, the insurance carrier that offered coverage for me as a partner with Medicare has changed every year since Obamacare was implemented except this year. This is another thing the Obama Administration continues to lie about.  The Obama Administration recently bragged about thirteen new insurance providers joining Obamacare in January in various states, but did not mention the 83 carriers that are dropping out of the program on January 1.In some states that will leave only one insurance provider in the program.

And one more new lie is that over 20 million people who did not have insurance before Obamacare was implemented now have insurance coverage. The truth is that the number is actually only 13 million and the majority of those are on Medicaid, which is totally Government (tax payer) funded, and many medical care providers will not accept patients who are covered by Medicaid.

And last but not least, does anyone really know how many people are forced to work part time because their employer will not provide health care coverage or cannot afford to provide it?  Or how many people refuse to work overtime or earn extra income because if they do they will lose their Obamacare subsidy? Obamacare is not only destroying our healthcare system it is hurting our economy badly and limiting some working people’s professional growth!

As I have written in past articles, the choice is clear in this election! Like him or not Trump is clearly the only choice if we want to save our Republic. Note to those of you who are supporting Hillary, look at history. No form of “Communism/Socialism” has been successful since the beginning of recorded history….

p.s. The new Democratic talking point is, “The current Obamacare problems are the Republicans fault because they blocked proposed plan fixes” ! Really?


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