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Obama has weaponized and illegally used our intelligence services many times in the past; and has now used them against President Trump.

In 2013, Obama spied on the press and foreign leaders.* He declared James Rosen a criminal co-conspirator, tracked his movements and obtained his phone records and even those of his parents. He spied on AP Reporters and obtained their phone records. Sharyl Atkinson watched her computer start up on its own. Computer specialists reported that a sophisticated tracking tool, exclusive to government agencies, had been placed on her computers to track, copy and transmit everything she wrote. Obama also spied on Angela Merkel and the German Press. WikiLeaks has also released a long list of Obama Wiretap victims.

In true Communist fashion, Obama spied on his local political opponents; but to appease Americans, he made it look legal. First, Obama used his media to demonize the foreign power that his local political opponents would talk to. Then, he used the CIA & NSA to track that foreign power. And Lo!! He also got, as “incidental” communications; all the targeted local political opponents who, as he already knew, were talking to that foreign power. Then, this information was selectively leaked to his media, who would imply that Obama’s local opponents were “colluding with and collecting donations from” lobbyists for this foreign government. This would intimidate, terrorize, and silence Obama’s political opponents.

It is legal to collect data on foreign entities; but completely illegal to unmask local political opponents: The Intelligence Agencies’ collection of the data on foreign powers and the “incidental” collection of local conversations, were all perfectly “legal.” Yet when Obama and his political operatives unmasked the names of Obama’s political opponents and fed information to Obama’s willing Media; this was all part of Obama’s Police State tactics; and definitely criminal and treasonous.

Obama’s technique of legal collection and illegal dissemination was used in 2015 to silence opposition to Obama’s “Iran Deal”: Lee Smith of the Weekly Standard says*: “At some point, the administration weaponized the NSA’s legitimate monitoring of communications of foreign officials to stay one step ahead of domestic political opponents.” First, Israel was demonized and Netanyahu listed as an arch enemy – Remember all that talk of Israel being a pariah Apartheid State that “tortured and murdered” Palestinians; that justified the BDS (Boycott Divest & Sanction) movement? Then, Israel was monitored. And, as was predictable, Israel’s communications with local congressmen and Jewish-American groups were swept up in this monitoring.   And then, Obama illegally unmasked the local Congressmen and Senators who opposed the Iran deal; used this information to destroy and silence his opposition; and got his Iran deal through.

This is what systematic abuse of foreign-intelligence collection for domestic political purposes looks like: Intelligence collected on Americans, lawmakers, and figures in the pro-Israel community was fed back to the Obama White House as part of its political operations. The administration got the drop on its opponents by using classified information, which it then used to draw up its own game plan to block and freeze those on the other side. And—with the help of certain journalists, whose stories (and thus careers) depend on high-level access—terrorize them” – Lee Smith

The attack on political opponent Trump mirrors exactly the attack on local political opponents to the Iran Deal. The difference is that the foreign power is now Russia, not Israel. And it is Putin who is being depicted as the devil incarnate. Various Russians live in Trump Tower. Without a shred of evidence; if they had merely spoken to any Russian or to the Russian Ambassador; Trump and his campaign staff were treated as a criminals conspiring with Putin; and accused of colluding to “hack” the election.

Various Trump people have already been harmed by these leaks: Jeff Sessions’ confirmation as AG was held up because he talked to the Russian Ambassador; even though this was in the presence of hundreds of others at an official function organized by Obama. General Flynn’s name was illegally leaked as one who spoke with the Russian Ambassador. His reputation was ruined and his career destroyed!

Susan Rice justified her repeated requests for unmasking of local political opponents on the ground they spoke with Russians and it was her job to protect national security: Susan Rice had been spying on Trump for over a year. Her requests for unmasking of Trump campaign staffers and obtaining classified spreadsheets of communications between Trump staffers and Trump himself increased in intensity after Trump won the Republican nomination; and continued all the way through Trump’s Inauguration. In late March, Susan Rice lied and said she had no idea about NSA tracking of Trump. Later, when she found out that a whistleblower had spoken with Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunez; Rice admitted to requesting unmasking. But she tried to justify it on grounds of “investigating matters of national security.” It is not the job of Susan Rice or any Obama political appointee to conduct investigations and unmask any American political opponent. That is not who we are. It is totally un-American. That is what Communists do.

Obama provided the excuse for leaking and hid the leakers: Eveyln Farkas, an Obama operative, went on numerous TV shows to explain she wanted to ensure the information on Trump was “shared” with friendly Democrat Congressmen in order to “preserve” it. In fact, just a week before he left office, Obama himself issued orders authorizing the dissemination of top secret information among 17 different intelligence agencies. Obama’s rule change made it much easier to anonymously leak the information; and much more difficult to discover the leaker. There has been a regular drumbeat of claims that “17 intelligence agencies” agree that Russia “hacked” the election. There have been incessant leaks to Obama’s media; who then file breathless reports full of innuendo and even direct accusations; that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election. But still, not a shred of evidence. In fact, Rep Peter King states that the surveillance was of every day ordinary calls between the Trump campaign and people who could not possibly be any security threat. This was purely a political operation; a communist police state in action.

Obama and his Democrats have gone all out to destroy Trump: This innuendo about collusion with Russians has been accompanied by a constant drumbeat of negative articles about President Trump. First, there were hysterical reports about how the electors are going to reject Trump. Then, an endless parade of two bit actors, actresses and so-called Professors insisting Trump is a Fasicst; a Hitler; demanding Trump be impeached; claiming they would like to assassinate Trump and one even demanding that Trump be hung!!

Democrat media have attacked Trump personally. The FBI story about Trump and Russia hacking was based entirely on opposition research done for Hillary by a private company, headed by Christopher Steele, a former British agent.* It alleged that the Russians provided bribes, real estate deals and prostitutes to urinate on Trump. And that his personal attorney flew to Prague to prevent the disclosure.   It has since been debunked thoroughly.* Even so, in an attempt to humiliate and embarrass Trump, the media spread this false story far and wide.

Violence has been stirred up all over the country: The “Not My President” riots; the violent “Black Lives Matter” riots; the thuggery and riots in the Universities that silence all conservative speakers; the women’s marches organized by the Muslim Brotherhood operative Linda Sarsour; the pepper spraying and physical attacks on Trump supporters; are all attempts to throw the country into chaos.

Democrats have obstructed every single thing Trump has tried to accomplish: They won’t work with him on fixing Obamacare. Not a single vote for financing the wall. They have opposed every single Trump nominee to every single post that requires Congressional approval; including Judge Gorsuch. They have defied Trump’s attempts to deport criminal illegals and fomented Sanctuary City movements in over 300 cities and even the State of California.

Democrat Judges have converted the Judiciary into a political arm of the Democrats. They have ignored the law and issued completely unlawful rulings. One nut in Seattle, a low level District Judge, claimed he had powers greater than that of the President, and asserted he can allow anyone into the United States because Universities wont otherwise be able to get foreign students! He held no hearings and cited no law. The 9th Circus upheld this ruling, also without citing the applicable law, 8 USC §1182, which clearly gives President Trump the right to restrict immigration. Another one relied on something Trump said during the campaign to justify striking down Trump’s Executive Order!! Yet another idiot in Hawaii, an Obama classmate and buddy whom Obama personally visited with before, and dined with after his ruling; went one better. He granted an Egyptian Imam powers greater than that of our American President; and gave this Imam the right to import into the US all his relatives and even his congregants; and essentially, anyone on earth. His “legal” reasoning? Spurious claims that Trump is an Islamophobe!

The media has organized boycotts of Trump’s family and his businesses. Their troops have defaced Trump’s newest hotel. They have threatened the guests who go to Trump hotels. They have beaten up Michael Savage and abused Sean Spicer in public. They even organized secondary boycotts of Ivanka’s businesses, which would be illegal in every other context. They have posted many risqué photos of Melania as a model, which they would usually rave over, to suggest she is some low life and to try to humiliate Trump and his wife! If either Melania or Ivanka wears a dress or some jewelry; they claim she is trying to make a buck by marketing it. They have made gross and vile comments attacking Trump’s 10 year-old son Barron, claiming he is autistic and a potential mass shooter. They have gone even lower by impugning Trump’s unborn grandson.

They have even denounced Trump’s response to Assad’s use of Chemical Weapons: When President Trump severely punished Syria’s Assad for using chemical weapons and killing innocent babies; Obama’s media suggested President Trump and Russia colluded to kill all those people; so President Trump could then retaliate and get higher popularity ratings!!

There is obviously no low below which Obama and his Democrats will not sink. Remember when Obama said he will fully cooperate with the peaceful transition of power to Trump? … He was lying; … just as he has always lied to us.



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