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The latest “decision” by the pondering ex-president to stabilize Afghanistan had in the words of General Patton, “ a few flaws “.  First ,telling the enemy we will be leaving in 18 months certainly should have  triggered a thought in even the most obtuse general of the enemy to lay low and build up resources for a successful attack when the Americans are gone.  Gee do you think that might happen?

Second when a general asks for 40,000 troops and is told to wait while someone who has never even been in the military and certainly is not up to speed on how war should be conducted ponders for months and then declares that 30,000 troops is a more appropriate number you have to wonder what in hell he was pondering.

This “decision” is typical of political “thinking” that strives to not offend and gives a little to all factions. Were this a war we were committed to win and knew what victory would consist of we would not have this propensity to ponder. If WWII were fought with such trepidation we would all be speaking German and standing in bread lines.

Prolonged stalemates are the product of political bumblers ( both Republican and Democrat) who don’t want to offend but manage to irk most Americans who see the waste and stupidity flaunted in what is supposed to be a governing body.

We need to define the enemy and the objective to win a war.  An abstract term such as terrorist is hardly distinguishable from a McVeigh.  The enemy is all who harbor and promote terrorism as a means to destroy western values. This is obviously Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and a hodge podge of other tin horn dictators denying and destroying human rights.  We conquered Iraq and got rid of Saddam so what is there to stay there and die for?  Identify the next most dangerous promoter ( Iran) and put the Mullahs out of business and get out.  Soon the world will get the message that we are intent on wiping out these miserable creeps that think suicidal action is glorious.  The world will not be a safer place as long as we placate and pontificate.  We need to be ready to answer threats with action and then and only then will anyone want to sit down and talk seriously about peace.  This diplomacy that is only a payoff for dictators has proven to be ineffective and costly.  The American mindset needs to be victory oriented or most surely we will perish from pandering and pondering.

The recent declaration “Mad Dog” Mattis saying that annihilation not attrition is the new strategy is a welcome reversal of a wimpy attempt to mollify and coddle a vicious enemy hiding under the protection of religious deferral.  It took a seasoned warrior to identify the folly of Obama and make the necessary corrections.  It took an awakened nation to dump an Obama acolyte with the same lack of military experience ( as witnessed by Benghazi ) to drag on an endless conflict.  Under the leadership of President Trump victory is now a possibility instead of a vision of stagnation.

The ongoing capitulation to Muslim dominance by the Democrats in the name of religious tolerance had stalled the cry of victory over this vicious barbarism.  It reinforced the lack of aggression on the battle field and hampered the restraint on non-assimilation of freedom here at home.  This was leadership misdirected in a country where freedom is paramount and Sharia is treason. Tolerance of Sharia is tolerance of barbarism, a gross violation of individual rights and acceptance of Sharia is the death knell for our Constitution.  This tolerance is the Democrat’s way of appeasement to gain voter support no matter what the constituency.  It is diversity gone amuck.  It is tolerance of the intolerant.

Now just as the Palestinians realize their only avenue is cowardly undermining and suicidal statements of futility, the Democrats are turning to what they deem is their only alternative, namely smearing and attempting to demean Republican political power.  It is guerrilla warfare by a cadre of cowards who want power to rule but have no idea how to protect the people who would put them in power.  This is the inner turmoil they face and cannot resolve without checking their premises and seeking honesty instead of deception, capitalism instead of communism, justice instead of corruption and appeal instead of denunciation.  The answer to their dilemma is simple to see by those outside of their closed system of sycophants but invisible to those who are the true believers in an imaginary vision that they cannot define or implement. How far will these misguided fools have to deteriorate before they gain some insight into their own self inflicted misery?  Who knows when they will recognize they have no competent leadership to turn to, no comprehensive coherent platform and a history of decline?  Certainly only they can undo and admit their errors.  Being not on the side of self reliance, extinction may be their only alternative.

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