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It all started with George Soros. Soros wanted to destroy the American economy for his own benefit, as he has done in five other countries, while making billions for himself. He needed a “front man” to do his dirty work.

He chose Barack Hussein Obama, who was raised as a Muslim and a communist, taught in Muslim schools to hate America, and counseled by communists in how to undermine it and destroy its economy—which he needed to know to do the bidding of George Soros. He was loyal to George’s ideas, and he hated America, so he was an ideal “Manchurian candidate” to undermine America and destroy everything it has ever done.

So George sponsored him to become president, and use that office to undermine America and destroy its economy, even turning it into a socialist state. The 2008 election was a prime time for this, since we had, at the time, two very weak candidates in Hillary Clinton in the Democrat Party and Sen. John Mc Cain, a Republican. There was one “ray of hope” on the Republican side, when McCain chose former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice president candidate. However, except for a brilliant speech at the RNC convention, McCain effectively muzzled Palin and lost, big, to Obama. Hillary didn’t even make it out of the primaries.

All of this was assisted by millions of dollars of Soros money. I have no proof of any of this. What I have is informed opinion, based on my ability to add 2 + 2 and get 4. What I’ve seen is common sense and logic, something the liberals (Democrats) in this country not only lack, they deny its existence, altogether. So I am able to observe everything Obama has done and put them all together into a cogent plan for America’s destruction, which he put into action in his eight years in office.

His most destructive action was to create chaos in the health care industry by coming up with a destructive health care plan that would double and triple the insurance premiums while making that insurance USELESS by applying multiple thousand dollar deductibles, so that clients would have to cover the first several thousand dollars of cost before they got ANY coverage, at all. To that he added the incredibly stupid idea of covering pre-existing conditions, which turned his “insurance” into welfare.This program was so popular with Americans, he had to FORCE people to buy it, so he made buying his program MANDATORY, with a fine added if they balked.

Next, he released hundreds of felons onto an unsuspecting public, saying he only released “non-violent offenders.” But among those he released were many murderers and rapists, and others who had committed many acts of violence, whether caught or not. There has been no record kept of how many foul crimes those he released have committed after being set free, so we will probably never know how many people died at their hands.

Another group of rapists and killers he released were Islamic terrorists, who were imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GITMO) for good reason: they were caught murdering people for not believing in THEIR God, or raped, just for fun. Wherever they went, the murder and rape figures climbed significantly. Again, we will never know how many people died as a result of their being freed for specious reasons.

He spent money like water, “investing” in many wild schemes he thought would work, but didn’t. He gave much money to various companies that later went bankrupt, with their principals gaining “golden parachutes” when the company folded. He spent more money than ALL previous presidents, put together. He TRIPLED the National Debt while the unemployment numbers skyrocketed and he LIED, saying unemployment was low because he didn’t count people who gave up ever finding another job and left the work force.

He printed money with abandon, even giving it a fancy name to make it sound good. That was “quantitative easing.” But it was simply printing money. And while he did it, he DILUTED the value of all the money in existence (inflation). When he ran out of things to do, he started doing obviously stupid things like forcing people to accept MEN in women’s bathrooms and changing rooms if they “identified” as a woman, so they could ogle our young girls who are often naked in those rooms. At the same time he promoted gay “marriage,” allowing men to “marry” men and women to “marry” women. Something as stupid as allowing men into women’s bathrooms. They won’t accept a contract similar to marriage that gives them the same rights, unless it is CALLED “marriage.” They simply want to destroy the WORD “marriage,” and this is how they will do it. And Obama approves.

He “gutted” the military by defunding many things. There are many units so depleted in money, equipment, and manpower that they can no longer carry out their mandates. In places where he was forced to “go to war,” he applied “rules of warfare” that hamstringed our troops and got many killed. Such as the rule to give the terrorists the first shot before firing back. He made enlisting in the military such a dangerous thing that enlistments took a nosedive and many units are dangerously undermanned. He sponsored “social experiments” on our troops, such as LOWERING requirements so women could get through what used to be rigorous training.

In service pregnancy rates skyrocketed, as did forcible rape of servicewomen. He cut budgets so severely that many units could not perform because too many of their helicopters or jets, or other equipment were inoperable, due to lack of parts and service. Highly trained people left for the private sector because of this. There was no need for them to remain if there were no parts to use in maintaining their equipment. He did everything he could to strangle our military, and he did a good job of it. We would be hard put to fight two wars at the same time, Today. In fact, I doubt if we could even fight ONE war with what we have.

He refused to recognize the imminent threat of Islamic terrorism. He even refused to use the WORDS “Islamic terrorism!” Frankly, I think he is IN FAVOR of the advance of Islamic terrorism, which he is proving daily by importing as many Islamic terrorists disguised as “refugees” into this country as he can, every day. How many people those “refugees” will rape and KILL is unknown, but that it WILL happen is obvious by what has happened in Europe, which has imported thousands of Islamic “refugees,” themselves.

There are so many more things I could cite, I don’t think there is enough bandwidth to support the article, nor does enough paper exist in the world to print it out. But the upshot of it is, he did everything he could to DESTROY this nation, economically, militarily, and politically. He planned on Hillary finishing his job, but America was “wising up,” and threw him, and most of his friends out in the trash. Trump MAY be able to put a stop to what he has engineered—maybe not. He will certainly try, but it may be just too much.

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