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Why is this not the Obama Recovery?  Typical of all leftists, Obama takes credit for the achievements of others to cover up his epic failure.  Obama strove to convert America to socialism, made laws from the Oval Office, and forced Americans to live under the boot of Democrats.  President Trump has done away with Obama’s legacy of militant extremist socialism.  The most visible component of this of which liberals might be vaguely aware is coal mining that Obama shut down but Trump reopened.

“Regulation is ‘stealth’ taxation.”  “I will always put America first just like the leaders of other countries should put their countries first also.  But America first does not mean America alone.  When the United States grows, so does the world.”  – President Donald Trump

America’s economy has grown over 3% each quarter that Donald Trump has been president.  Obama said this would never happen again and that less than 2% was the “new normal.”  Had Hillary been elected he would have been right and this would never have happened.  But because it is he is trying to take credit for it.  But anyone who is informed knows that the economy isn’t reviving because of the restrictions Obama put on it, but because Trump is stripping them away.  The Left is screaming that a growing American economy will destroy the planet’s climate.  Only the most gullible fools believe anything they say anymore.

President Trump is in Davos, Switzerland for an economic summit in which he is being received as a rock star of a strong American economy that will spread wealth to the world through trade.  Obama’s method was to tax Americans and send their wealth overseas, but not until lining the pockets of his fellow Democrats making Washington, D.C. the richest region in the country.  Taking wealth from those who make it through business and trade is how leftists become wealthy.  It’s called theft even when governments do it and it is always socialists like Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama who suck up that wealth.

Democrats are doing everything in their power to undermine the president.  Obama’s former Secretary of State, John Kerry, is in Israel telling the Palestinians to resist Trump and wait till Democrats are back in power to punish Israel.  Democrats are fighting for Obama’s DACA order to give illegals amnesty and keep foreigners flowing into America illegally under the guise of being refugees.  These people need to be sent packing.  There may be room to allow a path to citizenship for those who have been working, paying taxes, and obeying the law, but not for those who live off of welfare as parasites, dodge taxes, and especially those who are convicted criminals.  Deport them and secure the border.

While the liberal media slanders Trump at every turn most people are learning that liberals lie about everything.  Those who are not learning anything are the NeverTrumpers who claim to be conservatives, but are proving to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Now they are saying Republicans should pay attention to the attitudes of the Millennials.  These ignorant youngsters listen solely to liberal media and get their news from leftist “comedians” so they all believe Donald Trump is a blithering idiot reprobate.  These faux conservative organizations have exposed themselves as being more leftist in their self-righteous hypocrisy.  America is getting back on track and it’s the Trump Train that is pulling the nation back to greatness.  Donald Trump is proving himself to be as great a man as Ronaldus Magnus and America will be the better for it.  The simple fact of life is that capitalism is the rising tide that lifts all boats and everyone in the world benefits from it, while socialism is the vacuum that sucks up the wealth of others.

Trump speaks in Davos

Apple’s “Windfall” is America’s Boon Thanks to Trump

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