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Obama says he would never order the FBI to drop its two criminal investigations involving Hillary Clinton – and I believe him. He would never directly – either in writing or in a personal meeting – issue such an order. He’s too smart for that. But he’s also smart enough to know that if he says the right things publicly the FBI will get the message – loud and clear.

There are two ongoing investigations involving hundreds of FBI personnel – one for endangering national security by exposing top secret materials to our enemies; the other for public corruption. Everyone who listens to the news has heard Hillary lie and say that the FBI was performing a “security review.” FBI Director Comey has stated unequivocally that the FBI does not do that. They do criminal investigations.

Then this week White House press secretary Josh Earnest admitted that, “The president when discussing this issue in each stage has reiterated his commitment to this principle, that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference.”

The RNC immediately commented on this in a press release, since it directly conflicted with Clinton’s claim that the FBI probe was not criminal in nature, but rather was a “security review.”

Every American who knows about the endorsement understands that, whatever the investigations reveal, Hillary will not be indicted unless Obama gives the go ahead. Every lawyer and every politician from both parties that I have heard agrees on this.

This is why Obama held off for months before endorsing Hillary. He was making the political calculations on whether a Hillary candidacy would help preserve his legacy or would tarnish it. This week he made his decision. He tied his legacy to Hillary by endorsing her. And there is no way he would do that if there was even a slight possibility of an embarrassing indictment.

obama hillaryThink about this: Hillary stated emphatically this week that she will NOT be indicted, even though 147 FBI Special Agents have been assigned to just the national security investigation of her illegal email server. How could she be so absolutely sure? Only if Obama himself had told her he would make sure she was not charged.

The political appointees at the Justice Department, including the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, take their orders from Obama. And the FBI is under the Justice Department. If Obama makes it clear that he does not want Hillary indicted – whether by phone, email, text message or smoke signals – Hillary will not be indicted. But he’s too savvy to issue such an order – directly.

The White House, through its press secretary Josh Earnest, stated this week that Obama’s endorsement of Hillary would have no impact on how the FBI does its job. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas) disagrees. He stated that Obama’s endorsement constitutes a clear conflict of interest, and called for a special counsel to investigate Clinton’s email scandal.

The people at Justice and the FBI are not politically naive. They know what would happen to anyone who went against Obama’s wishes in this matter. Loretta Lynch is a political hack and an Obama stooge.

James Comey seems to be a more honest man. But he will not commit political suicide by going against Obama, since his direct Boss, Lynch will not allow it. If he defied Obama and announced an indictment or two, they would not be allowed to stand, and he would have sacrificed his career for nothing.

The Department of Justice and the FBI are also aware that any action against Hillary would be considered an action against Obama now that he has aligned himself politically and very publicly with her. Endorsing Hillary Clinton this week was the equivalent of Obama saying to Loretta Lynch and James Comey:

“Hillary Clinton is off-limits. You can go through the motions of an investigation, but its conclusion will be that she has done nothing wrong. I have tied myself to her politically, and you will not embarrass me. As of now she is untouchable.”


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