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Obama will turn the lights out in America as it appears he’s leaving… But will actually turn out America’s lights to stay in!  U.S. and Canadian Electrical Grid to be brought down through H.A.A.R.P. induced ice storms!

Lisa Haven reports:  In a last minute attempt to “save America” the Executive Office of the President complied an action planed geared at protecting our power grid. The report titled “National Electrical Grid Security And Resilience Action Plan,” was published December 2016, shortly after Donald Trump was elected into office. Considering the false hype from the mainstream lying media that Russia has been attempting to not only hack our election but target our power grid, this last minute provisions just so happens to come at the “opportune time”.

A deeper agenda is underway and the Obama administration is prepared!

The dark scenario:  Geared to a final effort to thwart the Inauguration and declare Martial Law, Obama first signs the National Electrical Grid Security And Resilience Action Plan,”  The covert plan is to implement an ice storm through H.A.A.R.P. as a “natural” disaster over America.  Shell will provide the mixture for chemtrails aerosol-sprayed into the jet stream – as H.A.A.R.P.  in Gakona, Alaska sends up ELF waves in this weaponized warfare, combining with the targeted chemtrails courtesy of Rothschild’s Shell, for a profiteering ice storm to thwart the Trump Presidency and bring America to its knees!

Obama will call Martial Law preventing the Inauguration.  In truth, Obama and globalist ilk are “hedging their bets” on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange with “weather derivatives” to profiteer billions from this man-made destruction of America!  The Weather Channel, owned by the same Rothschilds who own the Shell mixture in these combining chemtrails, will provide the Fake News and a propaganda perspective on this “natural” disaster.

And with his “weather derivative” profits, Obama stays indefinitely in the White House.  Islamic Jihadists now make their move across America, “Saving America” for Obama and Islam and the globalists.  Remember the Muslim terrorists are proxies for the globalists to de-stabilize, de-nationalize and terrorize.

Things will get so bad, Obama in Martial Law will call out the UN “peace keepers” to restore order, thereby putting the UN globalist troops in place as America’s “protectorate.”  UN troops have pre-positioned back-up generators for the takeover.  UN poster boy Obama intends to be in the White House several more years and George Soros will have won the day! 

One from the Joint Chiefs of Staff High Security Evaluations conveyed to Vigileaks (Exact quote):

I pray this [martial law] will not take place!!  If it does…then the portent of a winter event incursion into America that will catch the general populace vertically off guard, desperate, death dealing cold, hunger rampant among the general population, severe power outages, limited fuel for heating & transportation, criminal elements running wildly unchecked, Islamic Jihadists making their move to secure specific areas as their territory & that Koranic Law now exists as “the law,” all would portend “the need for Martial Law.”  Hence, the end of the Republic & UN Peace Keeping Forces empowered to “do whatever it takes” to keep the peace & maintain law and order. 

For all Americans, this is NOW the time to store up on batteries, solar-operated lights and units, portable heaters, and everything else this very cold Martial Law imposition calls for!  Better to error on the side of preparedness and pray this will not occur.  SEND THIS TO FRIENDS AND RELATIVES IMMEDIATELY! On your mark, get set, go….


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