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This nonsense of offering Iran “incentives” for not building a nuclear bomb is nothing more than paying protection to the mob.  Going to Tehran with a package of goodies and pleading for them to refrain form building a nuclear arsenal is encouraging their folly.  This is not statesmanship, this is not good foreign policy this is not acting in the national interest of the United States or her allies.  This is wimpy, unacceptable and will only get worse as it continues and is endorsed by candidates who think if they talk to our enemies we can convince them by our generosity to refrain from killing us and our allies.

The way to negotiate is to portray the consequences of creating a threat.  We should make it very clear that we have nuclear missiles aimed at Iran and they will be launched if we feel the threat they have been mouthing is going to be actuated.  Once we have evidence that a launching facility has been erected and armed it may be too late to avoid an attack on ourselves or our allies.  Therefore we will not wait for a launch by them to trigger our response.  This is simple.  A general doesn’t wait for the enemy to surprise him, he hits first and generates a surprise for his enemy.  As a commander in chief the President is under the same obligation to protect his country as the general is to protect his army.  The problem we are facing today is that no one in Washington is taking the threats by Iran seriously and responding to them with threats of our own.   We let those psychos babble and threaten and treat them as worthy of rational conversation and gifts.  No wonder  our world wide respect is in the tank.  No one respects a sucker.

If there is anyone who believes a centuries old culture of hate and conquest is somehow going to change because we offer them money ( which they will do what with?)  then delusionalism is at hand.  They talk tough , we talk tougher.  They march and display their weaponry. We circle their country with aircraft carriers armed and ready to attack.  They shout they will do terrible atrocities and we tell them what we have done to previous fanatics that threatened our way of life.  These stone age bums are threatening and infiltrating and encouraging destruction and death, and we are trying to peacefully co-exist?  It is they who should hope they will be able to exist at all with the policies and rhetoric they exhibit.

A Congress that has no compunction about cracking down on American citizens for stupid things like seat belt compliance is unwilling to present to the world a ready to pass declaration of war on any who pose a threat to our country.  Where are the priorities of a body of opulent windbags that would not place the safety and security of their constituency above mundane citizen regulation of behavior?

The notion that protection can be bought is a criminal idea.  It has been utilized by criminals for centuries and it has no place in foreign policy.  Paying people off so they will let you run your life is not an offer of value but a veiled threat that if you don’t pay us we will ruin you.  For the world’s greatest superpower to cower to such thuggery says that those who have decided to represent the United States diplomatically (?) are obtuse, cowardly, willing to pacify and do not have the interests of the country on their agenda.  The policy of “Don’t make any waves” when a Tsunami is roaring down on you is ignoring the inevitable.

Why is not foreign policy geared to our national interest?  The immorality of altruism explains the notion of sacrifice and we knee deep in the practice of this stupidity.  The reality is we have enemies who want to destroy us and our leaders living in an imaginary world of their own are compliant in fulfilling the enemies desire.  The American Revolution is again at hand.


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