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In most of my writing in the past I have referred to Obama as President Obama out of respect for the office of President of The United States of America. Based on his reactions to the Orlando Massacre, and his “kool aid” drinking supporter’s similar reactions, I cannot, will not do that again! They have not only been blatantly dishonest in their comments and actions, they have been insultingly disrespectful to the victims and their families and friends. Regarding Obama specifically he has been described as being “petulant” and behaving in a manner that is beneath anyone who occupies the office of President of the United States of America. Unfortunately this sort of behavior is “Standard Operating Procedure” for Obama and most of his supporters, but their behavior this week finally crossed a line that cannot be ignored. Even some of the people who usually insist that Obama can “do no wrong” and some members of the usually compliant media have acknowledged this.

It has been abundantly evident this week that the Obama Administration’s policy of “never let a crisis go to waste” has been in full effect. And to make matters worse, they no longer appear to make any effort to disguise their obsessive pursuit of absolute and permanent power, which requires the destruction of our Constitution.

Obama did multiple press conferences and speeches to rant about Republicans and guns. To quote Trump early in the week, “President Obama is madder at me than the terrorist”.

Obama did not even call the Governor of Florida to offer his condolences or offer any Federal assistance that was needed. The Governor is a Republican.

When Obama and “crazy uncle” Joe Biden did finally go to Orlando Obama used the occasion to rant about guns and Republicans. Sometimes I wonder if Obama actually has a conscious.

For those of you who are not fully aware of it there are more than enough gun laws on the books NOW to make America much safer. However if they were properly enforced it would negate the deliberate and blatant lies the “Left” constantly spew in their  obsession with eliminating the 2nd Amendment. It is important to note here that the 2nd Amendment is not all the “Left” wants to destroy. However it is the only thing standing in the way of the destruction of the rest of the Constitution (think about that for a moment…). I do not recall who said it but there is a famous quote, “an unarmed population is a complaint population”.  After the 2nd Amendment is destroyed then we will lose the 1st. Amendment. Remember the attempts to eliminate the 1st Amendment on certain college campuses recently? After the 1st and 2nd Amendments are eliminated then the rest really do not matter!

Regarding specific “Deliberate Lies, Disgusting Dishonesty, and Insulting Disrespect”, there are so many undeniable examples of these it would take a long book to discuss them. I will include just enough specific examples here to make my case, in no particular order.

A Democrat state representative in Florida gave a live televised press conference before the bodies were recovered, or even identified to rant about guns!

The Democrats in Congress loudly interrupted a moment of silence for the Orlando victims to grandstand about gun control and walked out of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. This was obviously planned and coordinated for maximum media coverage.

The Democrats illegally filibustered in the Senate to demand gun control legislation be considered. Again it was obviously organized and coordinated for maximum publicity.

As noted above we already have all the guns laws on the books that we need. There are Federal limitations on purchasing guns from a licensed gun dealer anywhere outside the state where your legal residence is located. It is illegal to purchase a gun for someone else. ALL gun sales made by licensed gun dealers require valid, verifiable ID and an electronic background check (there is NO gun show loophole here). A licensed firearms dealer cannot sell you a gun over the phone or internet or ship a firearm directly to you if you are not a licensed dealer (there is NO internet sales loophole here). Multiple purchases of guns at the same time or in a short period of time are a red flag on the electronic background check system. Felons cannot legally purchase or possess firearms. There are variations of some of these regulations state by state and in some cases in municipalities within states but as you can see it would be easy to reduce illegal gun possession and gun violence if our government wanted  that to happen. Two perfect examples of this are all the criminals walking around with guns. “Stop and frisk” and hard jail time would solve that problem. Another is the illegal cross state gun sellers the “Left” loves to scream about. Red flags from electronic background checks for multiple purchases would solve that problem. As previously noted if the Government did these simple things it would lose the basis for its efforts to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

So you think it is OK to deny gun rights to people on the “no fly list”? That is another cheap shot at shredding the 2nd Amendment!  Apparently anybody in this administration can put anyone they want to on the “no fly list”. Ask Steve Hayes about that and how hard it is to get off the list. He is a prominent Fox News contributor and columnist who is frequently critical of the Obama Administration.

It is an undeniable fact that incidences of gun violence are consistently higher in states with the most restrictive gun laws, Chicago is an extreme example of this but Obama and his supporters constantly state (deliberately lie) that the opposite is true!

The AR 15 and similar weapons are not “weapons of war” or “automatic assault weapons”. They are a legal civilian version of the M16 which is a “weapon of war”. The M16 has a “selector switch” that allows it to be fired continuously (automatically) as long as the trigger is depressed. It is illegal to possess any “automatic” weapon in the U.S without a Federal permit which cost tens of thousands of dollars and is practically impossible to get.

When Democratic U.S. Congressman Grayson from Florida, who in my studied opinion is certifiably insane, was interviewed by a reporter last week he said that the weapon the killer used “fired 700 rounds per minute” which is impossible for any firearm!  To my knowledge the reporter did not question his insane claim. Note, the M16 when used in combat on automatic fire tended to jam if the 20 round clips they used had more than 18 rounds in them!

A retired FBI agent reported that he was investigating the mosque where the killer was radicalized but his investigation was shut down by multiple directives from the Obama Administration, including the State Department while Hillary was Secretary of State.

The killer was allowed to continue his killing spree for an extended period of time. He could have killed as many as he did, or more with a wide variety of legal weapons. How about a pump shotgun with 3 inch magnum buckshot loads and//or multiple six shot revolvers with heavy loads? He even made numerous phone calls and Facebook connections while he was inside “Pulse” methodically killing people.

The killer was investigated by the FBI on multiple occasions but was still allowed to buy weapons legally and even keep his armed security guard license. How will more gun laws fix that?  Simple answer is they will not! If the Obama administration had not been so obsessively P.C. and had enforced the laws on the books, this tragedy could have been prevented. Obama, Hillary and their supporters are responsible for this tragedy. (See my recent article about Political Correctness).

The Orlando police finally used an armored vehicle to break into “Pulse”, rescue live victims and take down the killer. In 2015 Obama issued an executive order preventing law enforcement agencies from getting surplus military equipment because he wanted to prevent the “militarization” of the police. What if the Orlando Police did not have that armored vehicle and the protective gear?  How many more, including police would have died? One of the police officers who went in to take the killer down took a high powered bullet to the head and lived because he was wearing a military style bullet resistant helmet.

Have you ever been to a European country? I have been to most of them on working trips. Do you know what was the first thing I noticed on my first trip to England ?  When I got off the plane at the airport in London I saw two man teams of heavily armed, swat team style officers with a guard dog on a leash patrolling the airport, and this was in the early 1990’s! I also saw terrorist attack warning systems in the department stores in London!  We do not have that in America because we are legally allowed to own firearms.

Do you think the 2nd Amendment cannot be destroyed to make us be like Europe? It can. It happened in Australia over one incidence because the voting majority was concentrated in the cities and was majority liberal. The first stages of this happened in Colorado for the same reason!

I am a “former” Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer. “Former”  because during “Slick Willy’s” first term he instructed his AG, Janet Reno to eliminate as many FFLs as she could any way she could. She happily complied by having the BATF execute ‘unannounced inspections” of FFL holders they suspected were not full time retail operations. These “unannounced inspections” basically became something that resembled “Gestapo” raids on private residences of people who held valid FFLs at that address. As soon as I became aware of these “unannounced inspections” I “voluntarily” requested the cancellation of my FFL and submitted all my records to the BATF, which unfortunately included a complete inventory of all my personal firearms, including all those I had before getting the FFL. Mission accomplished!

The efforts to outlaw certain firearms and make gun manufacturers and dealers liable for damages when guns they sold were used in crimes also began when “Slick Willy’s was President. These efforts were obviously intended to shut done the firearms industry. Hillary strongly, publicly supports this and “changes” to the 2nd amendment. Obama also used  the DOJ to try to shut down the firearms industry by forcing banks to stop doing business with them under “Operation Choke Point” and to destroy the 2nd Amendment through “Fast and Furious” (see my article, “The Department of InJustice”).

As I have detailed here a President who is willing to do anything, regardless of its legality, to achieve their personal agenda can usually get away with it if they have a compliant media and an opposition party that will not step up and oppose them (sound familiar?).

What is openly happening in America now is a deliberate and determined assault on the Constitution. Obama has about 215 more days to finish destroying America.

We have one chance to save what is left of our Republic. Even if you do not like the available options in November, choose America!

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