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The Jews of ancient times walked with God and upheld his instructions. If any member of a camp sinned, they immediately were brought to the camp council and if that member did not repent, he or she would be promptly kicked out.

The understanding was clear, that no sin would be tolerated and anyone who did sin brought God’s judgment upon the entire camp. There could be no sin in the camp since the consequences affected not just the wrong-doer, but everyone in the camp who would feel the harsh judgment upon them as well. Keep the camp clean.

An abomination to God was and is the worship of idols, yet, many of the Jews who had seen God perform miracles in their behalf, began to follow Molech, a pagan god that required children to be sacrificed by fire in order to gain favors from him.

A temple was built for this ‘deity.’ As the children were taken inside, musicians and drummers played loudly outside to drown out the screams of the children being burned alive.

Cut to America, a new country that once walked with God and was mightily blessed and protected. Those who rebelled against decency, rejected God’s instructions and even managed to manipulate the Supreme Court to rule that sin was acceptable in the name of freedom. The use of vulgar language became part of every conversation and now is heard on TV and in movies. This is what is called, progressivism.

On February 27, 1963, atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair brought a successful lawsuit that ordered schools to abolish prayers and Bible study. Interesting, prayer and Bible study was taken out, and crime roared in. The crime rate during the first year after that hideous decision zoomed up 100%. It’s been climbing ever since.

Then in 1972, The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that abortion was to be totally legal. The lawsuit was Roe vs. Wade. Little babies in the womb could now be legally, killed with the full backing of The Supreme Court of the United States. Yes, murdering innocent little babies that might be inconvenient for couples who do not want to be tied down.

Over 50 million babies have been painfully slaughtered since that time and that number is rising every day.  And think about it. Until that ruling to take God and the Bible out of our schools along with the legal ‘right’ to brutally kill unwanted babies, America had never been invaded by a foreign power. Plus America was prosperous and strong in military might.

Then there was 9/11.  Now hear this: God will use one’s enemies to carry out His judgment.  And that is exactly what happened. He is lifting His Hand of protection from America, and for good reason.

This is similar to the punishment of the Jews by The Hand of God. As Roe Vs .Wade became the new Molech, and Israel’s enemies were used to punish them brutally, God rendered a similar punishment to us, using our enemy, the Muslims, to render His judgment upon us.

Then, sin REALLY came into the camp when Obama mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and became the new leader of America, not voted in but placed there. His entire administration has been insistent to bring immorality to not just America, but to the entire world. He visits countries, not to be of assistance, but to pressure the leaders into creating “gay rights.”

Obama is the first “gay” president in the history of this country. We’ve seen the records and the photos. His entire family was created by his Communist handlers for the purpose of destroying America. He travels under the Rainbow Flag and even had the Whitehouse bathed in the colors of that perversion the day the Supreme Court ruled that “gay marriages’ are now legal..

He is the most anti-Christian, anti-God president in the history of this country. He has declared war on ministers and Christian churches. He is totally supportive and respectful for anything Muslim, prays in a mosque and a recent AP photo shows him facing the altar of a Pagoda in Vietnam with his hands clasped in prayer as he bows to that alter. He bows low to Islamic leaders.

Yet, whenever he is invited to speak at any Christian church or university, he demands that the cross, crucifix and all symbols relating to Jesus be covered so as to not offend him.

At a National Prayer Breakfast, Obama, instead of praying with Christians, took them to task for their sins of the Crusades, which were NOT abstract attacks but was a response to years of attacks by Muslims against Christians. This is why the Leonine Wall surrounds the Vatican, to protect against them. The attacks were not to force conversions as some erroneously report, but they came as a response.

Obama heads a National Faith Advisory Council which is supposed to be in the interest of all faiths. This is purported to be “The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.”  Yes, freedom for all religions except Christianity.

So who did Obama just appoint to that national office? A transgender  ‘woman’ (even though she still has a male’s toolbox) who goes by the name of Barbara Satin.  Hmmm. Take a good look at that last name. It’s all in the pronunciation we suppose.

This is who will represent the churches in America?  Satin had once been Catholic then went into the United Church of Christ that is very much supportive of all things transgender and ‘gay. ’ We have purposely not included the widely published a photo of this confused 82 year old, since it freaks everyone out.

Next Obama just appointed an open sodomite to be the new Army Secretary. This is another first.  Eric Fanning who is 47 is the first openly homosexual leader of any of the U.S. armed forces. And this one is at the very top. This certainly may give new concerns to the “short arm” inspection which many will remember from the old army days.

Homosexuality and transgenderism is only a couple of the numerous sexual sins listed in the Bible. Adultery is another. Sex is to be between a married man and woman. God created man and woman. He did NOT create transgenders or ‘gays,’ period.

In Canada it is even worse. Any minister who speaks against these deviant lifestyles will serve time in jail.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just introduced a bill that would not only ban ‘discrimination’ against the sexually confused, but he said he will punish anyone who dares disagree with two years in prison. Tell me that this is not the final days before the judgment. It is and we must be aware of this.

READERS-MINISTERS-PLEASE HEAR THIS:  We have one last chance to come back to God, not just in words, but spending time in the Holy Scriptures and filling yourselves with God. Work closely with your pastors and encourage your friends. And let your own lives reflect that relationship with God.

This is serious sin in the camp and the leader of that camp is exporting immorality all over the world….not bringing world peace, but demanding reckless immoral lives from all.

God’s Judgment has begun. Think of the chaos today, incredible weather patterns destroying whole towns. This is the first kind of consistent atmospheric violence that has taken place, in not only America, but throughout the world. People are being shot in the streets and on the highways for no reason. Evil for the sake of evil along with ramped up attacks by Muslims.

Obama has no intention of leaving in November. He has already decided that he will utilize a crisis, or create one where he will have the opportunity to declare himself President for Life under Executive Order.  That is all in place.

If the public seriously balks at that time, which I believe they will, George Soros will then put Hillary Clinton into office who will simply continue everything Obama has been doing to destroy the U.S.

As you may have heard, Obama has just purchased a stately mansion 2 miles from the White House to move into after November. Yes, very convenient.

Spend serious time in prayer. This is a must. This writer has been battling a serious health crisis that has had me house bound, and began reading the early books I had when I first began preparing for the Ministry God entrusted into my hands. Those books have helped me rekindle that first love, that exciting joyful love I had when first discovering God, Jesus and especially The Holy Spirit. The re-studies have actually improved my health condition as I felt the full power of that original love surging through my body.

Please keep sin out of the camp, out of your homes and do a re-dedication ceremony for your commitment to God. This is the only thing that will stop the evil forces coming against us. And Lawmakers, straighten your backs and file a motion to have Obama removed from the Oval Office. And do it NOW!



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