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It is self-evident to thinking people that Obama must have been put into office with money provided by the likes of George Soros to so screw up the American government that it will fall, in similar fashion to the Russian communist government, but for very different reasons. If Hillary had been elected, she would have finished the job. Just about everything he promoted weakened us and made us more vulnerable to outside influences. He cut the budgets for the military, forcing them to reduce the size of their forces, both in manpower and in equipment. By so doing, he significantly REDUCED the size and effectiveness of our military. In Iraq and Afganistan, he saddled our forces with INSANE “rules of war” that gave the Islamic terrorists a significant advantage, and got numerous soldiers killed and injured.

When terrorists attacked our embassy in Benghazi, his policies, carried out by Hillary Clinton, got at least FOUR people killed outright, and our embassy property trashed, while he and Hillary LIED to the country about the cause of the attack, until they were found out, and had to finally tell the truth. He released hundreds and hundreds of violent criminals so they can prey on the rest of us, and released more hundreds and hundreds of Islamic terrorists so they could return to the wars and kill more people. Everything he did seems to have been DESIGNED to get Americans at each other’s throats. He started letting MEN enter women’s restrooms and dressing rooms if they “thought they were women” so they could ogle naked young girls and take pictures. He promoted “gay marriage,” which he KNEW would get large numbers of people fighting amongst themselves, over a NAME.

He worked HARD to take away our right to be armed in self defense, and had help from liberals, all over the country in that endeavor. He actually RAN GUNS to Mexican drug cartels so he could CLAIM they got their guns mostly from American gun sources. His “health care plan” was DESIGNED to fail and cause health care costs to double or triple, while it forced the insurance companies to cover IMPOSSIBLE cases like someone who was diagnosed with cancer, who THEN buys health insurance–a recipe for fiscal disaster. His purpose was to cause America to ASK for a “single-payer system,” which would go far toward bankrupting the country. He pulled most of our troops out of Iraq, all of a sudden, after announcing his intention to do so for months beforehand, therefore “cutting and running” and claiming to have “ended two wars” after doing the same thing in Afghanistan.

There may be questions about the wisdom of invading these countries, but “cutting and running” is a coward’s way out, and is not something to be proud of. Then there’s his disastrous Iran Nuclear deal, which guaranteed Iran will get nuclear weapons, soon. To that add giving Iran $BILLIONS of dollars to use in promoting Islamic terrorism, something they do a lot of. And then you have his “throwing Israel under the bus” at the UN, something he did in the waning days of his failed administration. And during those days, he did as many things as he could to hamper Trump’s new administration as much as he could, and is staying in DC so he can continue to do everything he can to SUBVERT Trump and this government. He has done much work to move this country toward socialism, and has moved it significantly in that direction.

If Hillary had been elected president, I’m confident that she would have finished that job. All in all, Obama has been, and still is, a “scourge on this nation.” It was a colossal mistake to ever even CONSIDER putting him in the White House, and we have suffered massively from it, and will continue to suffer, as he works HARD to further subvert everything Trump tries to do. Obama will go down in history as the absolute WORST president in the history of the United States. He has done more to HARM this country and its citizens than any declared enemy has ever been able to accomplish, and that includes making us the butt of jokes all over the world by actually BOWING to a foreign leader as if he was one of his servants, and telling the Russian ambassador that he “would have more flexibility after the (his second) election.” I guess so he could “cave” to more of Putin’s demands.


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