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Why are Democrats so afraid to require people to prove that they are eligible to vote? Why don’t they want a safe, secure electoral process? Because they know they would LOSE if the vote was fair.

Democrats – not Republicans – use organizations like ACORN to register illegal voters, including felons and illegal aliens.

Democrats – not Republicans – register dead people to vote in every national election.

Democrats – not Republicans – coach people in how to vote in multiple precincts, and get away with it.

Democrats – not Republicans – have gangs of thugs like the Black Panthers at polling places to intimidate elderly Conservative voters.

Democrats – not Republicans – have sued states repeatedly that have strong voter ID protections.

Democrats – not Republicans – have had election officials fake the vote counts in their favor.

How else did Obama win 100% of the vote in precincts across the nation? For instance, in 2012 EVERY SINGLE VOTE in 59 voting districts in Philadelphia went to Obama.

Why do I care? After all, Obama is not running this year. True, but Obama Junior is. And she will have the same corrupt political machine backing her that Obama did (as well as her husband Bill and Jimmy Carter did).

The only thing that can stop the type of fraud described here is fair voter verification at the polls. I just voted in the primary. I walked in, showed my driver’s license, and voted – all in less than 5 minutes. You can’t tell me that showing a voter ID is a “hardship” as Democrats have claimed in court.

They know that the kind of people who can’t pass the scrutiny of a simple identification check, are the kind of people who vote Democrat. That’s why you will never see Democrats support any fair voter ID measure – any more than an alcoholic politician will support tough drunk driving laws.


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