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Obama Judges Bring The Judiciary Into Disrepute: Part I – The 9th Circuit & low-level District Court Judges.

Chief Justice John Roberts blames President Donald Trump for objecting to the actions of Obama Judges. But Justice Roberts has done nothing to put the outrageous behavior of those Judges under control. He has not even recognized Obama Judges are acting as Democrat Party operatives; are violating the US Constitution; and that this brings the entire Judiciary into disrepute.

Threshold Questions:  Why does everyone want to come to America? Why are the vast majority in Socialist Latin American countries dirt poor, earning less than $100 a month; while their Socialist leaders remain multi-millionaires? Why do illegals march thousands of miles to demand benefits from us, instead of demanding from their rich leaders?  Because Socialist leaders steal all the money. And they would severely punish those who dare to oppose them.  Why is America a prosperous haven of stability?  Because we are a Christian people, revering our Judeo-Christian Bible on which our Constitution is based; and respecting our Constitution, which makes us a nation of laws.  This is why it is so outrageous that Obama Judges are treating our Constitution as a joke, exceeding their authority and violating our Constitution at every turn; and deliberately creating chaos in our country.

Many Obama Judges, like Gonzalo Curiel, are Racist Separatists – championing La Raza, which means “The Race.” Their motto “La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.”  “For The Race, everything. Outside The Race, nothing.” They claim all our border states, which they call Aztlan, belong to the Chicanos; advocate the elimination of all races other than Mexican, and openly promote the advancement of illegals. The harm they do is immense.  Not only do they advocate open borders and the importation of unlimited numbers of illegals; but they also cheer those illegals waving Mexican flags signifying their intent never to assimilate into our society.  They have lifetime appointments and pensions; get paid by us and yet, use our money and our US Judicial system to promote their virulently anti-American, Separatist Agenda!!

Justice Roberts should ask himself if our Constitution permits the lowest level District Court Obama Judges to have more power than the US President.  Obama Judges have taken it upon themselves to issue countrywide injunctions against actions taken by our President on issues like National Security that are clearly within the purview of the President; being supported by The US Constitution, the Law, namely 8 U.S.C. § 1182 (f), and prior Supreme Court cases. President Trump placed the second version of a temporary travel ban on immigration from select Muslim Majority countries such as Somalia, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Yemen, and the U.S. refugee program; while permitting immigration from a whole host of other Muslim countries.  A low-level District Judge Derrick Kahala Watson in Hawaii issued a nationwide order preventing the President’s travel ban from taking effect.  Judge Watson did not base his decision on any law; but rather, on something he claimed the President said when he was campaigning!! In so doing, he overturned all precedents and made a mockery of our Constitution.

Judge Watson asserted than an Egyptian Imam had the right to import anyone he chooses from his congregation in Egypt, including grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, in-laws and other relatives of people. Judge Watson legislated from the bench and created  a new law that anyone from a Muslim country could enter if he had a “bona fide” relationship to the original person  – ignoring entirely that Muslim countries permit multiple wives and concubines who produce multiple children; all of whom have multiple relations, all of whom could then be deemed to have “bona fide’ relationships. In short, one Muslim refugee in America could empty out the entire village from his Muslim country!!   Thus, Judge Watson put an Egyptian Imam’s “rights” over that of the US President; and himself the arbiter of what the President can and cannot do. After making this outrageous decision, Judge Watson, also Hawaiian born and a close friend and former law school classmate was taken out for dinner by former President Obama!!

Other Obama Judges have blocked virtually all of President Trump’s attempts to protect America, and are asserting their power and supremacy over the U.S. President!!  They have prevented him from limiting Amnesty.  San Francisco  District Judge William Alsup ruled that President Trump does not have the authority to cancel the DACA program by Executive Order, which Obama “enacted” by Executive Order!

Most recently, another Obama Judge, Jon S. Tigar, issued a nationwide Restraining Order against President Trump’s decision to require illegals seeking asylum to come in through our legal ports of entry, and not enter illegally.

In all of these cases, low-level District Court Obama Judges rule against Americans and in favor of the illegals: These Obama Judges are protecting illegals who are not even in this country.  They have not cared about the danger to Americans when unvetted illegals sneak into our country. Or that American cities are now overrun by the deadly gang MS-13.  They do not care that over 90% of Fentanyl and other deadly drugs are carried in by illegals coming through the border and that 60,000 Americans die each year from overdoses.  They have not cared about the billions we Americans have to spend to educate, medicate, house, school and provide other benefits to these illegals.  They actually demand that ICE is abolished and do not care ICE Agents get hurt and maimed as they try to protect our people.

They try to trick President Trump and lie to the public:  First, the Leftists claimed there was no invasion.   Obama himself sneeredAre you afraid of a few thousand people, thousands of miles away from our borders ?… They’re even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border!” At the same time, this hypocrite was arranging for them to be transported to our borders!   The Obama Media lied relentlessly and deliberately misled the American people claiming there was no caravan.  Jim Acosta lectured the president about the caravan: “As you know, Mr. President, the caravan was not an invasion.” “Your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls and so on, but they’re not going to be doing that,…” They actually claimed President Trump was using our armed forces at the border for propaganda purposes, to win the mid-term elections.  Facebook  refused a Trump advertisement that showed an invasion of illegals claiming it was “racist” and “sensational.”  They all claimed there was no invasion; clearly trying to prevent President Trump from preparing to defend our nation from their planned invasion by illegals.

But right now, there is chaos at the border & they stage photos of atrocities we are supposed to be committing.  Illegal thugs are invading us; storming our borders, throwing rocks, cement blocks and bottles at our Border Patrol and injuring them.  The thugs are pushing women and children to the front even as they assault our Border Officials.  And the Obama Media wait, salivating at the prospect of being able to report that “evil, racist, Nazi,” Border Patrol Agents used Gestapo tactics and injured some illegal.  And, of course, the Democrat Media are blaming President Trump for “racism” and “cruelty to children.”  Remember how they put a little child inside a cage in an empty gym in Texas and claimed Trump was caging children at the border?  Well, right now, they are publicizing a staged photo of a woman and children apparently suffering from pepper spray; with the claim “Trump is gassing children at the border”!!

The job of the Liberal Media is to provide sensationalized, emotional stories treating illegal invaders as sympathetic people … “Ooh!  They are only looking for a chance to work!”  – And never mind they are coming to get our benefits and plunder our country!! They work in concert with Obama Judges whose job is to prevent the President from protecting our country.  As I wrote 4 weeks ago, this is all political.  The goal is to defeat President Trump, no matter the cost to our country:    “Invasion by Mob: The Democrat Plan to Win the 2020 Election.”  Obama Judges are being grossly political in their rulings, and are directly responsible for bringing all this lawlessness upon us.  And Chief Justice Roberts has not done anything to stop them!!

Justice Roberts sat silent and allowed the 9th Circuit to perpetuate the biggest fraud ever upon the American People: It was the ACLU that brought all those dreadful lawsuits that destroyed our culture, our religion, and our heritage – getting court approval for burning our Flag and mocking our Anthem; Demanding the removal of crosses throughout our land. Removing all vestiges of Christianity from our country and our schools: banning prayers, denouncing the reading of the Bible; the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance; and silencing church bells.  Destroying the family by promoting abortions, gay rights, and transgender rights. Promoting teaching these sick behaviors in schools, to even our Kindergarteners. Suing and bankrupting bakers, florists and church recreation halls for refusing to promote gay, and now transgender, weddings.

It was the 9th Circuit that routinely allowed the ACLU to win all of the ACLU’s litigations.  And, of course, awarded the ACLU millions in legal fees for their egregious actions; some from the poor school districts and florists the ACLU targeted!

Throughout this reign of terror on the American people; Ramona Ripston was head of the ACLU, and her husband Stephen Reinhardt was head of the 9th Circuit!!  And Justice John Roberts did not demand that the conflicted judges recuse themselves.  Instead, he stayed silent!!

As they have done in all the above cases, Democrats always take their cases to an Obama Judge in the 9th Circuit. The Obama Judge can be relied on to issue a “temporary” nationwide injunction against whatever President Trump wants to do.  Then, President Trump has to appeal to the 9th Circuit, which will also rule against him.  Then, the 9th Circuit plays games, holding only a 3 Judge hearing; knowing that Trump cannot appeal to the Supreme Court until the 9th Circuit has held a full “en banc” hearing. Then, the Supreme Court takes the case and takes another year to hear it.  It actually took 15 months to overturn Derrick Watson’s ruling, traipsing up and down from the Supreme Court to the 9th Circuit and back again.  Even then, they speculated about Trump’s intent in his tweets and even in his retweets!  They even allowed Jude Watson to keep his newly invented law expanding protections for  “Bona Fide Relatives.” Using these techniques, low level Obama Judges, working in collusion with 9th Circuit Obama Judges, are able to stop whatever the American people elected President Trump to get done.  Though he acknowledged that President Trump was made to jump through hoops that no court ever imposed on his predecessors; Chief Justice Roberts never disciplined Judge Watson for his outrageous ruling.

Why has Chief Justice Roberts done nothing to penalize those low level District Court Judges who have gone way beyond the authority given to them in Article III of our Constitution? And done nothing to penalize the 9th Circuit Judges who ignored egregious conflicts of interest and brazenly issued rulings favorable to themselves?

And why is Chief Justice Roberts taking umbrage that the entire country has now realized that many judges are biased Obama Judges, working as Leftist Democrat operatives and not for the American people? It is not President Trump, but these Obama Judges who are bringing disrepute to the Judiciary!!


Rohini DeSilva, Esq.

November 27, 2018



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