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(1) Obama (Central Planning, Communism, Socialism, Big Government, Big Brother, Leftist, Progressive Ideas) kicks people out of the GAME OF LIFE.

(2) When we give money to the government, it empowers them to make us play ONE game: the government game.

(3) When a LAW is passed, everyone MUST play that game.

(4) Everyone wants to play their OWN game – the game they choose to play.

(5) People take a bad course in life when they are denied the right to play a decent game of their own.

(6) When other people tell you what to play and how to play, it’s frankly annoying as hell, and wrong, to boot!

(7) Look for the one who will do everything in his power to give you back the game you really wanted to play.

(8) We all have our one really favorite game and we should all have a chance to play it the best we can.

(9) In our schools, our children are being taught that there is only one right game = the government’s indoctrinated game.  The children should be free to choose their own, as of old.

(10) America has always had big games, played big games, and dreamed big games.  That is what made it free.  Obama and the “progressives” want you to have a small game, live in a small house, use a small amount of gas and electricity, travel small distances, buy small things, think small thoughts, and have small dreams.

(11) All big government does is tax your game and regulate your game out of existence – to be replaced by the big, uniform, regulated government game with a few players telling you exactly what to do, or else.  You will be a nice, obedient, robot-piece in the game.

(12) If your game gets “too big” the government will squash it like a bug.  Obama and the progressives are good at this.

(13) “Safety”, “Climate Change”, “Retirement”, “You’re selfish”, “Carbon Imprint”, “Social Injustice” “Feminism”, “Social Consciousness”, etc., and even “Racism”, are all just things drummed up to keep you in line and from simply playing your own big game and fairly with all others.

(14) A slave never plays is own game. He’s only a pawn to the Master’s.  Your Master is the socialist/fascist government ruled by Obama.  Ask the Russians how it was under Stalin’s and the Communist Party’s game.

(15) The reason that video games are so popular now is that they give known barriers and rules and lots of was to win the game.  We want to restore society to that standard so that LIFE can be won again!

(16)  You have to decide whether you are so weak and disabled that you must fit into Obama’s big government game and take their orders for the rest of your life.

(17) You don’t need government to tell you to be angry or jealous because someone else played his game and made it big.  You can do that to yourself.  So ignore the Progressive message of “Envy the other guy and try to tear him down” philosophy.  YOU CAN STAND ON YOUR OWN, PLAY YOUR OWN GAME, AND BE PROUD OF IT!



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