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Recently, Obama signed a new executive order addressing Atrocities. The order is vague and gives directives to certain people to make policy on the subject. The order is titled: Executive Order — Comprehensive Approach to Atrocity Prevention and Response.

First if all, how ironic is it that the president would address Atrocity Prevention! Particularly since he is our who is denier and chief and who refuses to believe in the genocide of Christians in the Middle East.  Add to that, he is directly linking our government with the UN in its response to any such atrocity even on US soil.

 Mass Murder

So he is not only making America the worlds police but sneaking the UN into our policy making. Additionally, since Obama has made it abundantly clear through his actions that he despises America and her citizens, what’s to stop this from being used against our first Amendment rights such as free Speech and the right to assemble or our second amendment rights? There is no clear definition of much in this executive order, except the “prevention” of “risks” and that there will be some kind of “response”. I find the lack of details rather alarming as it leaves the UN (and “such other agencies or offices as may request to participate in coordination with the Chair”) open to infringe on our constitutional rights.

Minority Report

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All together the word or variation of the word “prevent” is used 29 times in this document. Which leaves this bill sounding much like a “Precrime” dictate. Where snooping, monitoring and regulations will predict where an atrocity is likely to happen and those charged will be “isolating and deterring perpetrators of mass atrocities through all available authorities” to unknown destinations for an unknown amount of time. What could possibly go wrong when the government has this kind of authority and the UN helps make the rules governing the implementation of such a department of the government?

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“Noting that governmental engagement on mass atrocities and genocide too often arrives too late,

when opportunities for prevention or low-cost, low-risk action have been missed, PSD-10 directed the

establishment of an interagency Atrocities Prevention Board (Board), with the primary purpose of

coordinating a whole-of-government approach to prevent mass atrocities and genocide”

Perhaps if Obama had actually addressed the current atrocities this might sound like a good thing. But he has instead spent more time lecturing us Americans on how horrible we are instead of dealing with the real bone-fide atrocities happening at the hands of ISIS! Maybe if he had kept priorities that made sense this would make sense too. Instead, it leaves a chill in the bones and a real concern that foreigners will be deciding how to apply and address the atrocities; as well as when an event constitutes an atrocity.

Will they take proactive steps to prevent an atrocity by finding the accused guilty until proven innocent?

Will killing Christians ever be considered an atrocity, or will the opposite be true as Obama’s lack of action has demonstrated?

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Treva Harper

A single mother, grandmother, blogger, activist and patriot. She has written several articles and has been published in the Amarillo Globe news as a guest columnist. As a Constitutional patriot she is devoted to restoring America to the original intent of the founding fathers wishes.


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