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I just received a request to participate in a poll via email from the NRCC. It concerned a recent quote from the POTUS to “some of his top donors” where Obama ridiculed Trump for calling his administration corrupt. Obama claimed “we have not had a major scandal in my administration”. The email offered 4 choices as scandals and asked me to pick the worst of them. These were, “IRS targeting conservatives”, “VA wait list scandal”, “Clinton emails scandal”, and “Fast and Furious Scandal”. To be clear, this was not a link to go somewhere else and vote in this poll. I must click a button for each list item to vote, and can only vote for one of these.

I find several things wrong with this request and the list. First of all, in a list such as this, how is Benghazi not here!? Was there not enough space or did some numb-skull think it wasn’t important enough to rate with the others? Secondly, how in the world can these possibly be ranked in importance? The VA and “Fast and Furious” directly caused and cost American lives! Yet the implications of both the targeting of conservatives by the IRS and the Clinton emails may be so far reaching as to cost us all our very liberty! Third, I actually can see myself agreeing with our POTUS in one very specific way! These acts are not “scandals”, they go far beyond that! They are crimes! Crimes of the highest order, and I daresay nothing other than the combination of Hillary and Barack could have gotten away with it without at least being impeached and tried for removal!

No, Mr. President, mere “scandal” is the arena of the “Watergate” era.

A truly stupid and bungled burglary, in which no government secrets were revealed or lives lost, which thereafter becomes the definition of political corruption. If that be the case, Mr. President, then you are correct because “scandal” cannot give justice to how far beyond political corruption your administration has gone! As bad as those heinous acts in the list above are, they are but a small part of the harm your administration has wreaked in our nation. The disaster of Obamacare, which we are only now getting the inevitable bad news about, continues the ruinous course toward Socialism on which you have steered this nation. The actual worsening of race relations under our first African-American POTUS is a stunning achievement, reversing any progress we have had toward better race relations since the Civil Rights Act!

Mr. President, I could go on and on about how much your administration, by hook or by crook, has succeeded in your goal to “fundamentally transform” America which you articulated eight years ago. You would like to see that goal continue to be pursued with Hillary Clinton, as she surely will try to do. Which is why it would be very harmful to our nation and it’s survival should Hillary Clinton become President. In fact, I might even call it a “scandalous”.


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