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In June, 2015 after the horrendous Supreme Court decision regarding Homosexual “marriage”, Obama decided to light up the White House in the colors the Homosexuals have appropriated from God’s rainbow.

“I had a chance to do the Rose Garden celebration of the court decision around same-sex marriage. I did not have a chance to comment on how good the White House looked in rainbow colors. That made it a really good week. To see people gathered in an evening outside on a beautiful summer night, and to feel whole, and to feel accepted, and to feel that they had a right to love, that was pretty cool…It was a moment worth savoring.”

But he did not feel any need to honor the five slain Dallas police officers. When asked at a press conference if Obama would light the White House in blue, the White House Press Secretary responded that the president had already commented on their deaths.

Well, yes, he had – sort of. He went to Dallas because he had to, not because he wanted to. It would have looked bad for him politically if he had not put in an appearance. But most of the officers and families wanted nothing to do with him, and applause from police officers was noticeably absent (although the politicians clapped loudly at his inappropriate jokes).

His speech writers wrote a decent speech for him, and he delivered it well until he – predictably – veered off into politics. He talked about gun control, of course, and pontificated about race relations to the poor audience that was obligated to sit there and suffer through his diatribe. He droned on for far more than his allotted time, because he loves to hear himself talk. He forgot that the service was about the slain officers, not about his political agenda.

The New York Times had promised that Obama would try to “Console Dallas and Reassure the Nation.” He did neither.

Michael Goodwin, in his column in the NY Post said it well: “With few exceptions, Obama turned what had been an emotional tribute to five dead police officers into a rambling lecture on race relations leavened with biblical quotations and political platitudes.

“He spoke too long, nearly 40 minutes, and said too little that wasn’t shopworn and predictable. It was neither the time nor the place for the speech he gave.”

So why does Obama feel the need to celebrate the depraved people of our nation, but not the heroes? Why has he made personal phone calls to sports figures who had the “courage” to “come out” as homosexuals – but not to the families of slain police officers who had real courage?

Time and again he has shown contempt for police officers, calling them “stupid” and implying that police as a whole are racist. But he has nothing but praise for homosexuals who desecrate churches; Muslims leaders who refuse to denounce Jihadists who murder Americans; and “Black Lives Matter” activists who incite violence against out police officers.

The idea to light up the White House in Homosexual style and to invite a huge crowd of “LGBT” people to celebrate came from the special liaison to the “LGBT Community” who works for the White House “Office of Public Engagement.”

It may interest you that Obama spends millions of our dollars every year on “The Office of Public Engagement” which he created in 2009. This group supposedly exists to “remove barriers” to groups in dire need of “access to government.” These include the entertainment industry, the sports industry, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, American Indians, Asians, Pacific Islanders, African-Americans, Latinos, women, and – of course – the extremely important “LGBT Community.” In fact, every segment of American society has a “Special Assistant to the President” dedicated to their “special needs” – except the police, the military and Christians. Apparently these last three groups have no need for acknowledgement or assistance from their government.

Check out the staff of this ridiculous office. I took the time to read all their bios. They all seem to have several things in common. They appear to be in their twenties (except for the aging Valerie Jarrett, the Socialist who seems to have more control over Obama than anyone in the Administration). They are all highly educated in such important areas as philosophy and anthropology. And they are collecting for their volunteer work on Obama’s various campaigns with their cushy, well-paid jobs.

Perhaps Obama should spend some of those millions to discover what real Americans think and feel. If he did, he would be shocked, because he only gets his information from Washington insiders who have the same warped view of life that he does. If he did take the time to listen, he would find that most Americans – including most democrats – hold these values…

  • They love this country, and don’t appreciate him constantly putting America down.
  • They value life, and don’t like his encouragement of people using abortion as a form of birth control; euthanasia of the elderly; and assisted suicide.
  • They agree that homosexuals should be entitled to civil unions, but believe marriage – a religious institution – should be reserved for the people God designed it for: one man and one woman.
  • They resent the fact that Obama shows no support for our military; that he won’t fix the Veteran’s Administration that has allowed so many in their charge to die needlessly; and that he ties the hands of our military on the battlefield, causing the deaths of soldiers and Marines.
  • Unlike Obama, they respect and honor the brave police officers, deputy sheriffs and state troopers who put their lives in danger every day to protect us. They have a hard time reconciling his pretty words at the Dallas memorial service with his constant criticism of police officers and his willingness to jump to a negative judgement about police every time an officer is involved in an incident with a civilian.

There are many other deeply held American values that Obama despises, but these are ones that are critical to understanding the real America (as opposed by the America that the Washington and New York elites represent). It is very sad that an intelligent man has spent almost eight years running this country, yet understands so little about America.

This article was originally published at – The Antidote to the Liberal News Media.


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