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Former disgraced, leftist President of the United States Barack Obama left the United States for Europe last night to speak in Italy on the subject of climate change.

In what was a full attempt to keep the United States as part of the Obama-crafted Paris Climate agreement which has enabled globalists to propagate their false-science climate change agenda. As an example of how out of touch and elitist the communist-turned-President has always been, Obama took a 14 car entourage to travel with him throughout Italy in preparation for his speech.

As Obama delivers the keynote speech entitled “Seeds and Chips”, it is striking to see an ex-President of the United States actively working to undermine the current President of the United States. At the very moment that President Trump is seriously considering pulling the United States from the Paris Climate agreement, an ex-President is actively pushing the exact opposite agenda!!

When will enough be enough?!?! When will Barack Obama’s indoctrination of the American people, which is really Communist indoctrination of the American people, end?!?!

President Trump had promised during his campaign  to “cancel” U.S. participation in the Paris Climate agreement and the obligation it makes of participating countries to slash their greenhouse gas emissions to keep global temperatures from rising to catastrophic levels.

In Obama’s comments at the summit he actively worked to chastise and undermine President Trump:

“During the course of my presidency, I made climate change a top priority because I believe that of all the challenges that we face, this is the one that will define the contours of this century, more dramatically perhaps than any other, Obama said at the Seeds & Chips summit.”



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